Wednesday stiff and aching but happy

Now where to start - every bone in my ancient body is screaming in pain, my legs are torn to shreds and my blisters have blisters - but who cares!!!!
I was very apprehensive about this day of rough shooting as I didn't have a clue what would be expected of me or the dog. Well I need not have worried as soon as I turned Basso loose to hunt he was like a different dog - at last he was doing what he was bred for and seem to know exactly what was expected. He obeyed every whistle command and every hand signal. He pointed out the birds then flushed them for the guns and when shot he sat and waited to be sent to retrieve. No messing about he brought the birds directly to me and delivered them unmarked to my hand. He didn't chase the sheep, though he dearly wanted to, which was just as well as the ram was eyeing him up in a most unfriendly way. We started at 11 and didn't finish until it was dark at 4.30 and Basso worked his socks off the whole time. The two guys who were shooting were duly impressed with his efforts and his bravery no amount of brambles daunted him and though at first he didn't know how to jump over stock fencing by the time we had finished he was just hurdling them. In my garage I have a beautiful cock pheasant and a pigeon - these are the most expensive pieces of meat, in terms of effort, that I will ever eat and all thanks to my wonderful hunting dog. I feel like a very proud mother and when we got home I was still high on adrenalin and had to phone his trainer and breeder not to mention everyone I know and tell them what a fantastic boy I have. All the hours of training in the wind and rain have finally paid dividend. THE BOY DONE GOOD!!!!!

Today other than dealing with the birds I intend to lie in a corner and lick my wounds but I can't get the grin off my face............

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