Wednesday morning

Well it has been blowing a force 10 and pouring with rain for most of the night but at the moment it has gone deadly quiet. Yesterday went well the wonderful Jane came and did her stuff so the house looks OK but I know the deep in the corners it still needs a good clean so the spring cleaning needs to continue. John came and got up most of the leaves in the garden and we will not see him again until the early spring. There are still jobs to do but it doesn't warrant his coming as I can get on with them at my leisure. I managed to get the dogs walked and have my swim and be home in time for their arrival and once they were all under way I went off to the hair dresser leaving Mike in charge. The bubble and squeak that I made for lunch went down very well as I was starving by lunch time. I actually cooked it in the oven to save a few calories and it worked rather well.
Today is a shooting day and Shiona is coming over but Jeff has got bogged down in refitting his en suite bathroom and has decided not to come, so it will be just us girls.... What I can't decide is whether I should go swimming as usual first or give it a miss and just get on with the spring cleaning and ironing. The corned beef hash is already made as I did it at the same time as the bubble and squeak so that is one job less. It's not often we have the same thing twice in a week but I am running out of ideas at the moment.
Tomorrow, I will need to go to the butcher and sort out my Christmas order and I also need to go and look for some thorn proof trousers - I thought I would get a pair of mole skins from M&S I think they will have to be men's as they don't seem to have any in the ladies department. Anyway we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Talking of bridges those poor folks in Cumbria are having a really bad time with their bridges down as well as being flooded out. You would have thought that the Royal Engineers could throw a Bailey bridge over water for them as a temporary measure or are they all in Afghanistan etc.......OK that's my moan for the day now to get on with the chores have a good day and try to stay dry!!!!!!
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