Wednesday and clear skys

Why do dogs look so comfortable when curled up asleep? Today I am off to Canterbury to collect some rabbits which were shot last night - it means that I have had to fore go my swimming session as I will not have time. I am very late this morning and really need to get going. I found a wonderful site which shows in detailed videos how to prepare rabbit so I am hoping that I can get the meat off with the minimum of effort and we should be in for a couple of good meals.
Tonight we are taking the two terriers to a friends house as they are going to be baby sat while we are away at the funeral tomorrow. We will take the big dog as I can manage one but three would be a bit much. I will also need to prepare a picnic for us to take as we will not have time to stop for lunch en route. I think it will be the dreaded egg and tomato sandwiches any way no time to write this morning as I got up very late and need to push on. Have a good one everyone.....
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