Wednesday and bin day

Nip is peacefully asleep in his bed.

We had a lovely day yesterday despite the rain and boy did it rain. Around lunch time it came down is stair rods and the patio was inches deep in water. Mike and Henry had gone to the food emporium and left Angela and I to sort out the lunch and then to go with Elly to the hairdressing cash and carry to buy a new hair dryer. Angela had tried mine after swimming and realised that her hair dryer was rather under powered so off we went and a bought a professional one.

For lunch we had the rabbit fricassee and plumb crumble which went down very well - I then suddenly realised that it was a free meal of sorts - the rabbits were free and the plums had been scrumped. It's always very satisfying to use ingredients would other wise have gone to waste. I cooked the beef sirloin which we had cold for supper with a nice salad of frisee lettuce with a hot potato added and then dressed with a good garlicky dressing. This was followed by raspberry jelly and cream and another go at the cheese board. We then settled down to watch a film and finally went off to bed at around 11pm.

Today, I am going to cook a late breakfast/early lunch so that they will not need to stop on their journey home which will take a good three hours. I think I will probably collapse into bed once all the clearing up is done and and have a good sleep as I am going to need all my strength tomorrow as we are going up to Suffolk to collect the caravan from the repairer and take it back to the farm where it is stored. That will be a two hour journey each way so not very exciting - well what else would you do on your 32 wedding anniversary?

Sadly we had a planned outing to Wheelers in Whitstable on the 12th but we have just found out that the funeral will be on that day so we have had to cancel and will instead be driving down to Bath instead. Fortunately the funeral is at 1pm so it is a perfect time for us to get there and back in the same day which means that we don't have to organise any thing for the dogs and chickens. We will take Basso with us as I can handle one dog but taking all three would be a bit much.

Well that's about it all I have to do now is decide if I am going swimming first thing or giving it a miss. I still have a bit of washing up to do from last nights supper. Tomorrow I will certainly have to give it a miss and I would rather not miss two days but I think that might be the case.

Well that about it for this morning enjoy your day and don't work too hard.................

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