I managed to drag myself to the pool yesterday but I was very tired and only swam for about 20 minutes I then got the dogs in the car and took them for a nice walk down by the river but I was pretty much out of energy, so it was home and an early lunch and off to bed for a rest. I actually slept like the dead for 2 hours which made me feel considerably better. Coming down off an adrenalin high leaves you feeling pretty exhausted. I did however manage to get all the laundry done and at last got the ironing finished and put away.

The garden looks pretty messy after the high winds as one of the large plastic flower pots which had been part filled with polystyrene got blown all over the place. There are now lumps of polystyrene all over the place so I will need to have a picking up session. Today being Friday is my day to clean out the hens. We are running low on feed and bedding so a bit of shopping may be necessary but I am hoping to hold off until Monday when I am due to go to the cash and carry with Sandi.

My vegetable box arrived yesterday and contains some lovely leeks so lunch today should be a breeze, leek and potato soup and for dinner I think a rump steak would fit the bill. Hopefully this will give me enough time to do a bit of cleaning around the house. It is one of the disadvantages of having a cleaner that the house is superficially clean but there are lots of corners that need a good going over. Things like glass need a good wash as it soon looks dull and I have a welsh dresser which has to be stripped of all the china from time to time. Sadly the china has a silver border and is therefore not dishwasher safe and has to be done by hand. Hence the infrequent cleaning!!!!!

My wardrobe is also a disaster area with a mixture of summer and winter clothing just shoved in any old how so a purge there would not go amiss. I'm sure there are also plenty of things that should be thrown out or sent to the charity shop. I tend to demote clothing to garden/dog walking but that pile just gets bigger and bigger.

Well that about it I must stop writing as I am terrifying myself with all the outstanding things that I should do so I will go and make a start in the kitchen ...........
Have a good poets day all.....

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