Tuesday and very excited

Today is the day all the training and work I have done with Basso will be put to the test. I am off to do some walked up shooting and taking all three dogs and my gun so it is going to be quite a handful controlling the dogs and shooting as well. I am a bit concerned as Tuc seems to be limping and has a problem with one of his back legs so as yet I haven't decided whether to take him. First I have an hours drive down to Canterbury to meet up with the others who are shooting. A packed lunch and drink is necessary so I guess we are going to be out in the field all day. We are hoping for some pheasants, partridge and later some pigeons when they come in to roost.
Yesterday, I had another head breaking day with the new lap top first it dropped the connection to the router which took me ages to sort out and eventually I gave up and had to go to technical support for help at £1 per minute. Then it suddenly crashed and was as dead as a dodo. I was in despair, until I finally found that the dogs had knocked the plug out of the socket in the wall and it had been on battery power for hours and had run out of steam. I discovered this just as I was about to pack it back in its box and return it to the shop!!!!! Well I'm glad to say all is now well and it is running smoothly at last. I think for once in my life I will do what the instructions say and make a recovery disc.....But that will have to wait until tomorrow.
I still haven't got round to doing the ironing which is sitting in a pile shouting at me from the corner of the room and today it will be joined by this weeks washing!!! Oh well there is one thing for certain it isn't going to go away!!!!
I have had a few very lazy days in an effort to brace myself for today's exertions so lets hope that I don't come home needing to soak for hours in a hot bath. The first few times I went riding this was the only way to get the aches and pains out of my poor old body. I hope that all the swimming has toned me up a bit!!!

Well that's my lot for today time to start getting things together - the dogs are wondering why they are not getting any breakfast - they are about to find out............
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