Tuesday and raining

Dog walking at the estuary when the tide is out. Yesterday went well we went off for a dog walk and swim first thing then it was home for boiled eggs and toasty soldiers and buckets of hot coffee. It was a beautiful sunny day so we took ourselves off to Woolwich to the large oriental supper market "See Woo", where we had a grand time looking at all the strange things that were on offer. Needless to say we also managed to purchase a few items. I bought a sack of 25kg of salt @£4.50 which should keep me supplied for some time. I use a lot of salt both for my fish pond which takes 12kg and also for making brine to cure salmon etc before putting it in the smoker.
I rang my friend Sandi to offer moral support as she had a meeting with her employers with whom she is currently in dispute, only to find that her father in law had suddenly died. That makes two this week - I suppose it is one of the hazards of getting older..... Anyway there is nothing much I can do except be there if she needs me....
As we were all up bright and early yesterday we all retired to bed for an afternoon snooze then it was time for tea and cake and a light supper after which we watched the film "Ghost" which though I seen it a hundred times my friends had some how missed. Tonight we are going to watch Warren Beatty in "Heaven can wait" - another of my all time favourites. But first we have a full day ahead swimming first then dog walking if the weather permits. I have a piece of sirloin to roast which we will have cold with salad for supper. Lunch will be the rabbit fricassee with pasta. A plum crumble and some raspberry jelly will be the deserts if we feel like eating them.
Well its time to make cups of tea and wake the swimmers so we can get started......
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