Tuesday and hopefully a quiet day

Basso and his girl friend Casey, both absolutely pole axed after a long walk. Yesterday was good day which I started with a swim with my friend Elly and as I was in the pool rather early I had already done my lengths by the time she arrived so I did a few more to keep her company. Then it was home to the hair dryer and get ready for Sandi to arrive. She has been having a bit of a torrid time of it lately so we went off and had a lovely walk with all four dogs. Mike dropped us of at one point and met us at the other end which is great because you don't have to double back on yourself. While we were walking we picked some sea beat which Sandi had not tried before and we cooked it to have with our lunch - another convert I think....
By 4pm I was on my knees and sloped off to bed for a snooze - actually I slept like the dead and didn't wake until nearly 7pm when I got up and made the supper and returned to bed at about 10pm.
Today I plan a fairly restful day, the wonderful Jane is due, so my filthy carpets will be hoovered for me. I will go swimming first thing then I plan to take the dogs for a run and collect some more sea beat for supper tonight to have with some stuffed squid. I need to clear and change the sheets in the spare room as it is likely that I will have a visitor fairly soon. My friend Mary who was widowed last week is keen to come and stay but as yet I don't know when - still if the room is ready then that is one job done. She is a keen swimmer and dog walker so she will fit in with our normal regimen very well.
I had a big sweep up of leaves around the bee hives yesterday morning as it was so cold the bees were happily tucked up in the hive and didn't mind me clearing the area. It is all a bit of a fruitless task as the leaves are not all down yet so I know that I will be doing this job several times more.
Well that's about it for today I am off to have another cup of coffee and prepare the lunch and supper and get the washing machine going. Have a great day everyone........
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