Sunday and what a night

Well have I been having some fun. Mike decided to buy me a new laptop as a sort of early Christmas present. I also needed a router so that I could connect to the Internet. Well to cut a very long story short it has taken me most of the night and a phone calls to India to get the problems sorted out. This message comes courtesy of the new lap top. As yet I have no pictures on this machine so I cannot add one at the moment.
Yesterday was a very wet and windy day but I managed to get the chickens cleaned out in the short dry window first thing in the morning. As I am typing it is coming down in stair rods - I was hoping to get the dogs our for a run but little chance of that I think.
I made a cake yesterday according to the Hugh Fernley recipe on river cottage web site. It is pear and almond and the only trouble is that it is delicious but super calorific so rationing is necessary. It is the sort of thing you could serve warm with cream as a dessert or cold for afternoon tea to follow your cucumber sandwiches.
Now just when you think everything is working fine you discover that the E mail had gone pear shaped so that will be my next port of call and I think a call to virgin my service provider may well be necessary.
Well I must get on and get it fixed so I can continue my day with a clear conscience. Hope the weather is better with you.......

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