Saturday morning and dry at last

We had a pretty wet day yesterday so I am afraid that after swimming I concentrated on indoor pursuits. This means that I will have to clean out the hens today instead not that I think they mind so long as they have food and water they seem to be fairly happy and are still laying 4 eggs per day. Hopefully the dogs will get out to stretch their legs a little today as they were a bit fed up with all the rain yesterday.

However, having seen the poor people in Cumbria I am very definitely not complaining. To have your house flooded must be the most terrible trauma. Fortunately, we must be a couple of hundred feet above sea level so it is not something we need to worry about.

I was feeling a couple of degrees under yesterday I think I am trying to get a cold but nothing much is happening yet just feel rough and a bit bunged up. With any luck my immune system will deal with it and I should feel better soon. I think crashing down from an adrenalin high also leaves you feeling pretty flat. My weight loss is not going too well but that is largely because I am not trying very hard at the moment - when you feel rough I don't think you can be bothered.

I noticed that I had rather a lot of apples in my fruit bowl so I decided to make a Dorset apple cake which gets rid of a few and is not too calorific. The dogs also like apples and carrots so I some times give them grated apple and carrot in their food if I am inundated. I made a start on cleaning the dining room but my heart wasn't really in it so I was easily distracted, I will give it another go today and try and finish the job. Mike is busy reorganising the wiring for the new TV system but as yet we have not had the estimate or any indication of when we are likely to get the job done. I must admit I am looking forward to having the sitting room back in action for Christmas so we can flop into comfy chairs and watch rubbish.

I think I must also make a serious attempt at list for the butcher as I know I need to get my order in soon if I am to get what I want. My friend Mary has Crohn's disease and an ileostomy and I know that she can't eat vegetables or fruit in any quantity so I think a chocolate cake rather than a traditional Christmas cake will be on the menu. Creme brulee or panna cotta might make a good desert for Christmas lunch.

Well time to get going no swimming this morning but plenty of house work to keep me out of mischief.

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