Saturday and a stormy one ahead

Yesterday went well, our friends brought the two terriers back so the family is reunited. Basso tried to mount Nip and assert his new found authority but got a flea in his ear and quickly ran for cover so the hierarchy remains unchanged. We went out for lunch to a local pub where I had a very nice plate of fish and chips but couldn't quite finish all the chips so they came home for the dogs.

The rabbits have finally been put in the freezer and from the 6 I had I have made 3lbs of sinew free meat, 6 livers for pate, 4 meals for the 3 dogs and 4 litres of stock. So all in all though it cost a bit of work it was all worth it. As you can see from the photo I had an assistant to help with the washing up.
It was pretty wild and windy over night and there are a few things blown around the garden but we are currently in a bit of lull so I am hoping to get out and clean out the chickens before the next part of the storm hits. I have no real plans for today except to finish a pile of ironing and prepare the guest bedroom - once that is done it doesn't matter when Mary decides to come we will be ready.
We are also in the process of changing the TV that we have in the sitting room which currently is one of the gas powered variety. I have held off changing it as there is such a surge of changes but I think the time has come to bite the bullet. I fancy a fairly large screen mounted on one of those swivel brackets but getting an aerial to it might cause a few problems. Mike would also like to change his TV so we will put his into the guest room and get him a better one. With all this work to be done I am hoping to get some sensible advise from the guy who did Shiona's system but as yet I haven't managed to get in contact. I have also purchased a gizmo that will convert VHS to DVD which should keep me out of mischief once it arrives and we will finally be able to discard the old VHS tapes and recorder. I thought I would then pass it round to various friends and family so that they too can make the swap as I'm sure they are in the same boat as us. Have any of you done this? If so, I would be grateful for your comments.....and any advise of which TV to buy would also be most welcome......
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