Saturday and still dry

The summer has really gone and we are knee deep in leaves. I manged to have a quiet day yesterday and after my dog walk and training session I went for a swim and added the lengths that I had missed on the previous two days so I am back on schedule. I spent some time in the kitchen making leek and potato soup which we had for lunch and then some mince which we had with curly kale (a personal favorite). I also used up the last of the plums I had in the freezer which I made into a crumble as I still had some crumble topping left over from the visitors so all in all not a very low calorie day. The crumble was quite naughty as it also contained toasted hazel nuts and we finished off the last of the double cream - It is always difficult to diet when you have visitors and there always seem to be some thing that are left and need eating up.
I am far to tight to throw away cream etc and invariably end up eating it.
After lunch I took myself off for a sleep while Mike hit M&S looking for a white shirt to wear with his dark suite for the funeral on Thursday. The suite comes out only for weddings [pink shirt] and funerals [white shirt]. He swore when he retired that he would never wear a tie again but these are the only two occasions when he will make an exception.
I slept like the dead and when I awoke I had no idea if it was day or night - I had only been asleep for an hour but it was that really deep restorative sleep and I felt much better for it.
Today is also going to be a quiet day as I need to gather my strength for tomorrows early start and shooting session. I am determined to shoot well and do myself credit - I have been shooting particularly poorly lately and feel pretty despondent about it. I would also like to get Basso out for a training session as he is due to go on his first rough shoot next week and needs some practice. He will no doubt chase every rabbit he sees as he has never had an opportunity to work in a rabbit pen. Non decorum est to chase rabbits!!!!
Anne, I am fascinated with your comments about the online nature of your course may I ask who is running it? Is it an OU course or a commercially run venture?
Well that's it for today have a great weekend everyone and thanks for the comment Denzil it is nice to know that your are still reading. Have you ever looked at the stats for the readers it gives quite a lot of detail about location etc. I now seem to have a regular reader in Chatham but no comments......

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