Saturday and pouring with rain again

I was very interested to read some recent research that shows that the average dog owner gets more exercise than the average gym member. Well that is something I already knew. It also highlighted the fact that you get fresh air and enjoy the country side as well. The one thing it didn't mention was that it is also a much cheaper way of getting exercise.

It was freezing cold yesterday when I took the dogs out but boy was it lovely to plunge into the pool for a swim after as it felt like a hot bath. When I got home I had a long shopping list to get through but what a miserable abortive day it was. We got a couple of things done then headed to Sainsbury but the car park was full to over flowing and there were people queuing to get in so we did a U turn and left - fortunately there was nothing essential that I needed. I can only think that it must be end of the month pay day and Christmas shoppers. We may well try again on Monday morning early and see if that is a bit better.
As it is the weekend there is no swimming this morning, though having said that looking at the weather I may well need to swim to the chicken coop this morning.
On our shopping trip yesterday I did manage to get loads of mussels(Cozze) from the fish monger which we had for lunch and for dinner we had "Lesso di manzo rifatto con le cipolle"and for you Anne the literal translation is "boil of beef remade with the onions". I know that eating will be one of the things you do in Florence and it is no bad thing to learn some of the food type words which will help with menu translation.
Today I intend to have a quiet day and just potter on with my spring cleaning as tomorrow we have an early start to get down to Ardingly in Sussex for the dog show. If only Basso knew what was coming!!!!
The concert by candle light sounds really lovely and I love Vivaldi but my favorite composer is still Bach which I never get tired of hearing.
Well that about it for this morning except to mention that I got a phone call from DEFRA yesterday to say that the analysis of my bees showed that they had been poisoned by commercial wasp killing powder. This means that a pest control operative did not use the stuff correctly and seal up the entrance to the wasps nest. Anyway apparently there were only 5 cases of poisoning in the UK last year and I will make it into dispatches for this year - fame at last or should that be infamy!!! Anyway slow thought the system is it does eventually work....
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