Monday morning and still dark

One of the few things still in flower is this nice little chrysanthemum.
Yesterday went well our friends from Nailsea arrive on schedule despite the dreadful weather. It was lovely to catch up on the things that had happened through the year and we suddenly realised that we had not seen each other since the new year. Time seems to fly by at an alarming rate as you get older. All the food was demolished so I was pleased, it is always nice to have your cooking appreciated especially by a professional. Lets hope the food for today is equally well received.
My friend Mary rang just as we were about to eat to let us know that her husband had died in the hospice that morning and she was relieved that he was at last at peace. It will be a busy time for her now with the paper work and funeral arrangements to make but as soon as that is over she plans to come and visit. Though we have been in contact via the E mail and telephone we have not seen each other for several years so it will be nice to get together and chew the cud.
What a filthy day it was yesterday with lots of wind and torrential rain and it was only when I went up to my bed for a kip that I noticed I had left the roof door open and my bedroom was awash. Anyway it is very clean now as I had to wipe everything down to dry it. Whose a silly girl then??????
We have no real plans for today except that I will be going swimming at 7.30 Angela is keen to join me but when we asked Henry he declined as he didn't have his swimming togs but he had been done up like a kipper as Angela had packed them for him, so no excuse. Anyway I will take them a cup of tea at around 6.45 and see if they are still keen :) It makes little difference to me as I will shoot off and be back by the time they get up.
I think they were generally impressed at how quiet and good Basso now is - a big difference from the last encounter when he was very much a puppy and full of mischief.
Well that's about it for this morning not that I have much to do - I hope everything is prepared and so there should be no holdups. As a matter of interest Anne for lunch we are having a dish which is traditionally served at new year in Italy. Cotechino con lenticchie, it is a big sausage with lentils. Have you purchased a good Italian dictionary yet? If so please feel free to correct my spelling which is always a bit suspect.
Well I am off to lay the table for breakfast and unload the dish washer (what a wonderful piece of equipment) Have a good day or better still a good week........

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