Monday morning and blowing hard

Montecatini Alto summer 2000 Between Florence and Pisa where we spent 6 weeks with the caravan.
What a day it was yesterday we left home at 8am to get to Dover by 9 but there was little hope of shooting as it was raining cats and dogs all the way. As luck would have it the rain stopped as we pulled into the car park and held off for the entire three hours it took us to shoot. The clays were completely wild and flying all over the place as the wind was very strong but I shot well so I was very pleased with myself. Roger my shooting companion was keen to tell the cognoscente all about Basso's prowess and I was content to bask in the reflected glory. He would like to take us out again in about a fortnights time so I will have to have a look around for a pair of thorn proof trousers so that I don't get massacred again now that my legs are healing. The drive home was in appalling weather with rain wind and hail so once we got back it was hot drinks all round, clean the gun and off to bed for a rest. There was no need for lunch as the sausage butty we had for breakfast kept us going until supper.
Today I have a busy day, I need to continue with my deep cleaning session which is only partly completed then I am off with the dogs at 8am and on to swimming with Elly at 9. At 11 Sandi is coming so that I can take her to the cash and carry where she is keen to buy a few bits and I need to restock my hen food. I have planned a lunch of corned beef hash as it is simple and quick to prepare as I need to be ready for Louise the dog groomer who is coming at 2pm. We are due to prepare Basso and make him look beautiful ready for a show on Sunday. This could be traumatic as if there is one thing he hates it's being groomed.....
Mike is off to the doctor for his flu jab as he is in an at risk category with his emphysema and he would be very unwell were he to get flu.
Well that's my plan for the day heaven know what we will have for dinner I quite fancy eggs tartare from the Hugh book so that might be on the cards if I have not run out of steam by then.......
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