Monday morning again

Yesterday was dull and damp for our ride down to Dover - I was hoping to shoot well but fell short of my expectations - It was very cold in the woods as it was so damp and I had failed to put on sufficient clothing so I was pretty chilled for the three hours it took do have our round. Poor Mike nearly froze in the car and was very glad to see me when I had finished. Arrangements have been made to go rough shooting on Tuesday week - but in the mean time I have ordered a few rabbits for the pot. Surprisingly I have managed to get through the last lot. When I was speaking to Roger about some rabbits he informed me that he had shot 71 in 2 hours the previous evening, so there are plenty to go round. The rough shooting is to try out Basso on a real job of work and see how he does so this week I will have to do lots of practice with him and to that end Sandi is coming today and bringing her very good Labrador who works regularly.

Unfortunately we are due to have a power cut between 11 and 2pm so I have had to look at a lunch that involves no electricity. Fortunately, I have a gas hob so that will do and I will make some potato cakes to go with our cold beef and horseradish. I had also better get on and make a loaf as we are out of bread and that takes a minimum of 4 hours. As for supper tonight I haven't given it a thought yet but I think some sort of pasta dish is in order as it is quick and easy.

As it is a week day I am due to go swimming and will go a bit later so that I can meet Elly and we can swim together. Monday usually kills me as I have had 2 days off over the weekend but my incremental system of lengths is working out OK and I am keeping up with it, which is good. It is amazing how easy it is to swim just the lengths that I need as it is free I don't feel obliged to stay and get my moneys worth. There are certainly some advantages to being of a certain age!!!!

Well that about it time to get moving and make the bread ..... have a good day all


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