Miserable and wet Monday

Basso the brilliant does it again and wins his class at the dog show - so now we have another rosette to hang on the wall. The photo is of my friend Sandi who was showing him for me, I was lurking in the crowd taking photos.
It was a really miserable day cold and wet but we managed to park relatively close the the barn where the show was being held. Fortunately, there was a van selling bacon sandwiches which was our first port of call when we arrived. We then made our way to the ring which needless to say was the furthest away but fortunately the judging started right on time so we didn't have to hang around for too long. Once the judging was over and we had our certificate and rosette we beat a hasty retreat and found a nice pub for some lunch then it was home to central heating and a chance to finally get warm with copious cups of tea. Basso needless to say couldn't see what all the fuss was about but he did enjoy the frankfurter treat I gave him. Mike had been secretly hoping that he would do badly and that I would give up showing him but no such luck....
It has rained all night and is still raining so going swimming this morning is going to be a real wrench but I think I must persevere as I need the calories. Before going to bed last night I put a loaf of bread on to start its process so I now need to add more flour and start the rising process. I usually swim with Elaine on a Monday but she has had a bit of a trauma as her husband's car has blown a head gasket - this means she is on taxi duty and with three kids and two horses to look after her day is pretty full.
I would like to continue and maybe finish my spring cleaning of the dining room I can then move on to the kitchen and bathroom both of which could use a birthday. The sitting room gets very little use so it will be quite easy and all I will need to do is a bit of brass and silver cleaning to get it back up to scratch. Once I am satisfied with the cleaning I shall make a start on the forward preparations for the festive season... I can make things like the chestnut stuffing and put it in the freezer along with the chocolate cake and various other bits and pieces all of which should cut down on the last minute work. I can also make a few loaves of bread and stick them in the freezer so that we can eat cold turkey sandwiches to our hearts content....
Today's vocab for Anne
bread = pane
butter = burro
jam = marmellata
coffee = Cappuccino is only for breakfast, espresso is the usual and then if you want you can have latte macchiato, which literally means marked/stained milk or cafe macchiato which means marked/stained coffee the first is mostly milk marked with a little coffee the second is coffee marked with a little milk. Cafe latte is just a milky coffee also a breakfast item. Te is tea and is generally served weak and black with lemon. Well that should get you some breakfast.
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