Friday and the end of a grueling week

Yesterday is a day I would like to forget as soon as possible - we left here at 9 am to get to the crematorium in Bath by 1pm and had a nice uneventful journey down with a stop for a leg stretch and for Basso to empty his tank which he did with no trouble. The funeral was a reasonable service but the usual problems of parking were evident as one funeral was so tightly packed with the next there was mayhem in the car-park which was by no means big enough. The heavens opened just as we made our way from the car-park to the chapel so everyone got soaked. We had all been invited to a bun fight at the golf club which was beautifully organized and I had 5 minutes to talk to Mary who was very much in demand. She came with me to the car and introduced herself to Basso who was again allowed out for the necessary relief. I was delighted when she said that she would love to take me up on my offer of Christmas at our house as she really didn't feel she could cope with the family. Well, we decided to leave at 3pm and make our way home but we did not get back until 7.30 and guess who got the homeward leg to drive? It was absolutely awful with thrashing rain and horrendous spray on the motorways it took us over 45 minutes just to get through Bath. The cut through from the M4 to the M3 via Bracknell was terrible as the traffic was largely at a stand still. Anyway when we finally arrived it was a quick phone call to the local Indian take away and then rapidly off to bed - exhausted but stuffed....

Today we are going to collect the terriers from our friends and take them out to lunch and I am just trying to decide if I have sufficient energy to take myself to the pool for a swim first. I know that I could use the exercise but I am feeling pretty shattered and my just wimp out and have a relatively quiet day and just go and play with my rabbit stock and get that into the freezer.

It is still raining here but lets hope it lets up soon........
Have a good poets day all........

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