Friday and the end of a grueling week

The photo shows the damage to the caravan which has now been mended and you would never be able to tell that there had ever been a problem. It looks absolutely perfect. We drove up to Suffolk and after a bit of effort found the place where the van was being stored. It was hitched on and we drove straight to the farm where the farmer was waiting with his tractor to take the van an put it straight into the barn - job done. We were home again by 2.30 and as I had been up since 3 I was ready for a kip. For supper I made us a steak tartare from the pieces of fillet that had come in our box of short horn beef - very tasty and with a couple of slices of crusty bread it made a nice supper.
Today, I will be off swimming and dog walking first thing as I have had two days off and don't want to loose the impulsion and the dogs have rather drawn the short straw over the last couple of days. The weather is supposed to be fine this morning but gradually get worse through the day so the hens will need to be cleaned out earlier rather than later. I also think I will need to have a look at the bees and just check to make sure they have sufficient supplies for the winter.
On the menu today will be some leek and potato soup as I had some nice leeks in my veg box and then for dinner I think I fancy something quite gentle and comforting so mince and potatoes will fit the bill. I am getting through the washing piece meal rather than in one huge push and am doing the bed sheets one bed at a time.
Well I had better get on with it rather than writing about it. Thanks for your comment yesterday one and all.....

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