32 years of marriage

It's hard to believe that so much time has passed - where have all the years gone?
Our friends left yesterday but not before we had had a nice walk with the dogs and a huge brunch breakfast - full English with all the trimmings. I then started the clear up process sheets and towels in the washing machine - dish washer running full tilt etc. So today for our wedding anniversary it is down to earth with a bump. We are driving off to Suffolk to collect the caravan from the repairer and drive it back to the farm for winter storage. Unfortunately this will take the whole day as Suffolk is at least two hours drive away. No doubt we will stop off for some lunch somewhere en route and we will be spoiled for choice as there are some wonderful pub with great food in Suffolk.
However, before we set off I have to plant a rose bush which has just arrived. It is called "Black Baccarat", it is so dark in colour that it is almost a true black. I have a spot amongst some white flowering plants where I think it will be shown off to advantage.
I will also have to tackle some of the left overs that don't fit in with the new low calorie regimen. It is hard to know what to do with left over clotted cream and a big slab of Brie de Meaux other than eat them. Oh well, I guess one more day of indulgence won't make that much difference!!!
Have a good day all of you and lets hope the weather is good for all those who have bonfire parties organised....

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