Wenesday morning and Bin Day

Well what a start to the day poor Basso must have had diarrhoea in the night and was locked in his crate so no chance to get outside the poor boy was mortified. He and his blanket and his crate were completely covered so my fist job was to clear that up. Just what I wanted the whole house smelling of dog poo and my friends coming for a shooting session. The only way to clean Basso was to hose him down in the dark in the garden - so I am also soaked. Looks like a good day ahead!!!!
Yesterday, was super I managed to get into the garden and planted the garlic and the broad beans and made a start on the window boxes. The glass house is cleared apart from herbs that I keep going over the winter and most of the leaves have been hoovered up so it looks nice and tidy but I know that will only last until the next blow when more leaves will fall. I never know
which is the best, to hoover up regularly, or to let all the leaves fall and then do one big clear up?
Given this mornings start, I am really pleased that I made a rabbit fricassee last night and got the potatoes pealed for the mash so the shooting lunch won't take long. I also made some meat balls with the last of the left over chicken and some chipolata sausages which I have fried off and then plunged into some tomato sauce - I hope that they will do for a meal for tomorrow which means I can get on with some much needed house cleaning. The sun is a lovely thing but boy does it show up the dust and dirt.
Now the burning issue is do I go swimming and walk the dogs before I go shooting or will I be completely knackered. I think I will go and see how I cope, if I shoot badly I can always excuse myself and claim tiredness!!!!!
I notice from the site counter that I have a reader in Chatham which is only down the road I wonder if I will get any feed back?
Have a good day and don't forget the bins

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