Tuesday but only just

Michael gets out his magnum!!!

What a bummer after yesterdays very hectic day I went to bed and fell asleep at about 9pm only to wake all bright and breezy this morning come down for my cup of coffee and discover it was 2.30 am - now I am in a quandary what do I do if I go back to bed I will no doubt fall asleep but I know I will wake with a stinking head ache which will last all day. If I stay up I will be pole axed by lunch time and fall asleep in the afternoon. I know I will sit and write this drivel!!!

Well yesterday was quite a day, I kicked off with a swim with Elly at 9 am as our local pool offers free swimming to us old farts. I have not been swimming for over a year so it was all a bit of a shock to the system. I was careful not to over do it but did a few lengths then out for a shower and hair wash - Mike was waiting in the car park so with wet hair off we went to Tesco to do a bit of shopping then home to prepare lunch for us and Sandi who arrived at 11am. She brought her good gun dog Casey and we filled the car with dogs and set off first to collect my honey and then for a walk. I picked up two boxes of jarred honey from Terry it looks OK but it is quite dark as it is ivy honey which has a different flavour from the floral honey of earlier in the season. Having stolen the bees hard won winter reserves it is now up to me to keep them fed with sugar syrup over the winter so that is what I must do today. Sandi had brought me a nice brace of partridge which I promptly put in the freezer and will deal with at a later date. Once the dogs were all worn out we came home and had lunch and were just having coffee when the boys turned up. Sandi beat a hasty retreat but not before we decided to enter Basso in the Southern gundog show in November. Sandi has shown dogs before so she is going to help me get him ready not that we have much time to teach him to stand properly.

Denzil had a big handful of Thai currency that he needed to change so we hot footed it out again and while we were at it we needed to buy a new mobile for Mike - not an easy task they don't seem to do phones with big buttons that us elderly people can see!!!!! Anyway we managed to get him a very basic Nokia, pay as you go, for under £40 including a car charger and £10 for calls. That done we returned home and while the boys programed all the numbers into the various phones I set to and roasted the pork for dinner. This was the first meal we had had together for three and half years so quite an occasion. The boys were then back off up to London and cleared up and fell into my bed and was sound asleep by 9.30 so no wonder I am up at this ungodly hour.

Today is also going to be fairly busy especially this morning as both Jane and John the gardener are coming. The house is a tip and there is stacks to do in the garden.

Anne how do you feel the exam went? I'm sure you did well and hopefully all your revising was worthwhile. That's about it for now I'm off to make sugar syrup for the bees at least that is a nice quiet pass-time which won't wake the whole house.

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