Tuesday and hopefully a quiet day

Well autumn is really here my garden is full of leaves but it is lovely and warm so hopefully I can spend some time in the garden today. Yesterday turned into a marathon day especially as I had started so early. I took the dogs to the park at 6.30 and gave them a good run then it was into the pool to do the allotted lengths. Mike was up by the time I got home and had made me a cup of coffee. Then it was on with cleaning out the chickens and preparing the roast lunch - when Sandi arrived we went off to the cash and carry where we made a few purchases. She was looking for professional type chopping boards in different colours which they have at reasonable prices. I bought a jar of Dijon mustard which will probably keep me going for the rest of my life. I use quite a bit in cooking but the jar is enormous.
Once we back home it was on with the lunch and then we sat about chatting for a while. Basso and Sandi's dog Casey seem to be in love and at one point they lay on the floor nose to nose singing to each other which was very sweet to see but I was not quick enough with the camera to get a good photo. Sandi left at about 4pm and I set to and cleared up the kitchen which looked like Hiroshima. Thank goodness I had made the pumpkin soup earlier as I was totally out of energy by 6pm and a warmed up bowl of soup and some freshly made bread were just what the doctor ordered. I was in bed by 8pm and asleep by one minute past.
Today is set to be a quieter day - I will walk the dogs and swim first thing then I really need to get into the garden. I have cold chicken for lunch so that will be nice and easy. John the gardener is coming today so I will have some company collecting leaves. I think the grass could also do with a final mow as it has grown dramatically in the last couple of weeks. I also need to go to the garden centre and buy some bulbs for the window boxes ready for the spring.
Tomorrow the shooting crowd are coming and we are going to Dartford to murder a few clays so I will need to produce a lunch of some kind but as yet I haven't a clue what!!! Perhaps something with a Dijon mustard sauce!!!!! I know rabbit I have a freezer full with some nice mash potatoes will be filling and easy to prepare.
Well time is marching on and I think I had better get started if I am to be away by 6.30 as soon as the sun is up. Have a good day all - oh and Anne I will be expecting replies in Italian from now on!!!!!

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