Thursday and shooting

A local land mark Kingsnorth power station is it an eye sore? I quite like it, the horizon would be very uninteresting if it were not there. It is the one where the climate camp was held and the green peace lot climbed up the chimney and wrote GORDON.

Today, we are off shooting, Shiona is coming over as is Jeff so it will be the usual crew. We will have lunch at the club house which lets me off the hook as far as cooking is concerned.

I had a busy day yesterday and got all my rabbit pelts rinsed and put to dry. I only have room to pin out and stretch about 4/5 at a time so the rest have been hung over the line to dry off. It takes about 3/4 days for them to dry so I am hoping that I can damp down the others before pinning out. I all goes according to plan I should have plenty for a hat and may be a muff also. It was a pretty foul day with almost constant rain however the garden really needs it so I am not complaining and it gave me a great opportunity to do some batch cooking and get the ironing done.

I took the dogs for a walk round the rugby field and was very pleased with Basso who obeyed his whistle commands very promptly so I am hopeful that he will be a good boy on the training day on Saturday. I also hope to find an HPR [Hunt Point and Retrieve] trainer locally as the only one I know is about 30 miles away which is a bit of a trek.

There is still no sign of the new baby and we are hoping that today will be induction day!!!!
I am also expecting to hear from Terry of the bees about my honey which should be ready at the end of the week - I am fascinated to know how much there is as the bucket was pretty heavy.

Have a good day all of you
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