Thursday and a day of peace

Basso is feeling a bit brighter this morning he was very definitely under the weather yesterday with his upset tummy. I managed to get every thing done by the time Jeff and Shiona arrived but I was already knackered before we started. I had been swimming and taken the dogs for a walk and cleared up all the mess and bathed the dog. My heart was not really in the shooting but never mind, I enjoyed it as best I could. Jeff was using a friends side by side shot gun which had the interesting habit of shooting both cartridges at the same time, what a bang they made, it was all a bit disconcerting. It is always disappointing to shoot badly - I was improving towards the end and could have done with another round but it was by then getting very late. It was gone 1.30 by the time we got back so I pressed on with the lunch while the others cleaned the guns. The rabbit in mustard sauce and mashed potato really hit the spot as we were all pretty hungry. The men gasped at what they said were monster portions but surprisingly their plates were rapidly cleaned. They all finally left around 4pm by which time it was too late to go to bed for a snooze and besides I was too fired up to sleep.
Today I intend to have a quiet day and gather my thoughts for the next onslaught. I will go swimming and walk the dogs at 7 but after that I intend to just potter around - I have taken the last of the pork out of the freezer and will do something with that though as yet I don't know what. It is a fairly big chunk but not the right shape to roast so some sort of casserole seems to be the solution. I could mince part of it and make a pasta sauce - it is a leg slice so it will need long slow cooking.
Tomorrow Jane is coming to give the house a blitz but I might get started on some of the more obscure dirty corners. I will make up the front bedroom tomorrow while she is here to give me a hand and Mike can move into the back bedroom. He has the best room on the understanding that he is the one to move if we have guests. Saturday is a shopping day in preparation for the visitors and I have also ordered a box of short horn beef from the farm where I got the pig so I have been trying to clear some space in the freezer in anticipation. That is job that could well do with doing - tidy the freezer - it is all a bit of a jumble.
Anyway time is marching on and it is time I got started if I am to be ready when the sun comes up.
Have a good day all of you.........
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