This is a photo of the pub at the top of the road which is where all the noise comes from and as I sleep with my windows open I often get woken in the wee small hours by the drunks on their way home.
Yesterdays shooting in Dover was great fun and though I didn't shoot well I did have a very good time. It never ceases to amaze me how friendly the people are and no matter what sort of a hash you make of things they just commiserate rather than laugh at you. I think they have all had bad days and know what it feels like....

Jeff my brother in law has been set the task of making us all pen holders out of odd bits of wood and old cartridge cases. He had completed the first one and brought it for us to see. I am delighted with it. This is a nice cheap Christmas present and very acceptable.
Today Sandi is coming to visit and I am roasting a chicken for lunch - I will be doing it as my chef friend showed me but removing the skin and applying a coat of rosemary garlic and lemon zest then re-applying the skin and roasting in the usual way. This adds bags of flavour to what can be a pretty bland meat. I think we will have mash and cauliflower with it as that is what I have lurking around. The cold meat should make a couple of meals for Mike and I through the week. First however I am off for a swim, I am hoping that as I will be there at 7.30 when they open, I should get a swim in before the kids arrive as it is half term and now that the mornings are lighter I will take the dogs for a walk first. The pool is situated on the edge of a park which is very convenient.
Well that's my day planned out what are you doing today?


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