Sunday a day of rest!!!!

Good morning all well as you can see I am up early again but I did go to sleep very early last night as I was totally exhausted. The days HPR training went very well and both Basso and I learned a lot. We got to the farm at around 9 am having left home just before 8am. The farm was on the side of a very steep hill down into a beautiful valley which is usually used for horse cross country training. We started the day in the indoor arena With some basic heel work and focusing exercises, the after coffee it was out to the fields to do some retrieves both seen and blind over varying distances. Some of the dogs were very accomplished while others were like Basso just novices. The photo shows Basso with his new girl friend sharing a car while we had lunch. Unfortunately I didn't have the car as Mike needed it and after dropping me off he had departed. Lunch was a baked potato with assorted salad and cheese accompaniments. After lunch we moved on to the hunting mode of the training and Basso was in his element and I finally got to grips with the whistle turns and how to use the wind to help him. We also did some practice with gun fire and the stop whistle - I will have to buy a starting pistol so that I can continue to practice this. I think I will ask father Christmas to bring me one.....
We then move further down the valley to do some bolting rabbit practice - this was very difficult as Basso is a keen chaser. However he did mark well and retrieve when asked. Then it was the dreaded water work. This is Basso's weakest discipline as he refuses to retrieve from water - he did venture into the water but refused to pick up the dummy. The trainer has advised me to play ball with him but to throw the ball into a bucket of water so that he gets used to picking up wet things.
By this time we were at the bottom of the valley and it was a long steep climb back up but just to break it up we were asked to drop dummies en route and then send the dogs for a memory retrieve again Basso did well and went straight to his dummy and brought it back though he is still a little reluctant to let me have it.
By the time we got back up the hill it was time for a cup of tea and a final chat over what we had done during the day, Mike and the car had arrived and I was delighted to be going home as I was completely whacked. We ordered a kebab as this was the least worst option calorie wise and I fell into my bed and was asleep in moments.
As I have heard nothing I am assuming that James managed to pick Denzil up at Heathrow without problems and hopefully when they surface this morning they will give me a ring and we can organise when they will be coming down here.
Well what a saga this morning hope you are all having a good weekend not long now Anne!!!!!
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