Saturday and a big day for Basso

Today Basso is attending a full days HPR training and I think it is going to be a pretty tiring day for me too. Mike is going to drive us to the farm near Tonbridge and then leave us there. He will hopefully return and collect us at the end of the day.
It is all a bit of a mystery as I have no idea how the day is being organised or how long it will be but I guess we will finish around 5 as it will be getting dark by then.
The photo is of me at Surrey shooting club. I would have gone shooting tomorrow but I have cancelled as I think I will be in no fit state after today and besides Denzil my son is flying in from Thailand to land at about 10pm tonight. I am very apprehensive as we have not seen him for two years and we didn't part on very good terms. His brother is collecting him so I don't expect to see him until Monday at the earliest.
I have been back on WLR for a few days now and have been very good with my calorie intake and exercise though it has been hard. I have saved up 600 extra calories for today as I don't know what if anything we will be fed.
Now for the chickens what stupid birds they are - when I went up to put them to bed last night it was thrashing down with rain and where were they - tucked up under cover - no sitting in the rain getting wet. They look so bedraggled when they are wet and would they go to bed not on your life, I spent some time chasing them around until I managed to persuade them to go to bed, mean while I got soaked.
I stripped out the glass house yesterday and cleared out all the tomato and cucumber plants and have a whole trug of green tomatoes which I am not sure what to do with - I would make green tomato chutney but what is the point we don't eat it and I still have jars of it left from last year. I think they may well end up in the compost, but I will give them a chance to ripen on the window sill first.
Well that about it for today I will let you know how the training goes in tomorrows report and hope that you are getting on OK with your revision Anne and in case I forget good luck with the exam.

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