Monday morning again

The new family member photo shows mum and baby and proud grandma.

Well today is going to be a big day - I am starting of with a swimming session at 9am then a walk with the dogs and Sandi who is bringing me a brace of partridges which will need to be plucked and drawn then I think I will put them in the freezer. After lunch the my boys are coming down from London and we are going to have a family dinner. It will be the first time in ages since we have all sat around the table for a meal. I am going to roast a hand of pork with all the trimmings and hopefully lots of crackling and apple sauce. At some time during the day I am also due to collect my honey from Terry so I think it is going to be a pretty busy day all told.

As yet I don't know if the boys are staying the night or if they are going back to London but it won't take long to make up an extra bed if they decide to stay. The youngest has taken a week off work to be with his brother and chauffeur him around to visit his friends and at some point he wants to take us all out for a meal.

I have ordered a starting pistol and blanks so that I can continue Basso's training but Mike is very worried that I will get arrested for brandishing a fire arm so I will have to be very careful where I use it. I will have to have a chat with my son and see what he thinks the last thing I want is to be surrounded by armed officers while out with the dog.

Anyway short and sweet this morning as I have loads to do by way of preparation so that I don't have to spend all afternoon in the kitchen.

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