It's Monday morning again

Yesterday was a nice quiet day for chatting and catching on the 3.5 years of separation. However, it started badly with the central heating playing up and no hot water so after much fiddling it finally burst into life and everything is up and running again. After breakfast we took the dogs for a walk in the beautiful autumn sun shine and needless to say Basso went paddling in the mud. He smells really delicious now!!! then it was home for lunch of roast leg of lamb with curly kale roast parsnips and mashed potatoes and gallons of gravy. I chose lamb as it is probably the least likely meat to be available in Thailand. The men were well occupied with the Sunday times and the motor sport on the TV. I tried to have a sleep as I was very tired but was unsuccessful and abandoned the idea. I think I was either over tired or just too wound up. Anyway after a supper of assorted cheeses and crusty bread I fell into bed and was unconscious by 9pm and slept right through until 4.30 so I have caught up well.

Today, I am going swimming with my friend Elly at 9am and then dog training with Sandi at 11am, Denzil is off out with his friends but will be home again for supper. At some point I must convert the left over lamb into a shepherds pie which will be fine for supper.

The weather looks like it is going to be cloudy but dry so that should suit us all.

Have a good day every one.........
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