Friday and getting ready for the weekend

Today is destined to be the last of the calm weather. I believe it starts to get nasty and wet from now on. Good job I got the veg garden is all planted up so now I can just leave it alone to get on with it.
The wonderful Jane is coming today - unfortunately she has to bring her 7 year old boy with her but Mike quite likes to entertain him - and we can get on with blitzing the house. I made a start yesterday and stripped off the beds and got some of the laundry done and hopefully by the time the visitors arrive I will have got it all ironed and put away.
Since Basso's upset tummy he has been a little smelly to say the very least and I decided that there was nothing for it but to bath him. Trying to maneuver a 6.5 stone dog into a bath against his will was just about all I could manage. Once in the water he stood and allowed himself to be washed, oh, but when he got our he and a couple of really good shakes - Well, put it this way the bathroom is now very clean. Anyway at least he smells much better and the bathroom needed cleaning anyway!!!!
The pork that I cooked for lunch yesterday was delicious but now that it is cold it is very dry so I really don't know what I can do with it. I might cut it thinly and make a tuna sauce for it. This is an old Italian dish made with veal normally but it works just as well with cold pork. First problem is that I don't have any tuna so I will have to have a trip to the shops :(
My veg box came with another pumpkin so I guess soup is on the menu for one meal. Tomorrow, I will have to do the big shop and I have made a mile long list of things that I need. I will also be picking up the beef box and I hope I have cleared enough space in the freezer to put all the meat.
See what you think of the menu
Sunday tea - carrot and walnut cake with butter cream icing
Dinner - Steak and kidney pie with mash and greens /cheese board
Monday lunch - lentils with cotechino sausage [special request] and rocket salad
Dinner - Rabbit with mushrooms and cream and tagliatelle noodles / plumb crumble and cream
Tuesday lunch - Something from the oriental grocers shopping trip
Dinner - roast sirloin of beef with assorted vegetables/ raspberry jelly [my raspberries] and cream / cheese board
Wednesday Brunch - Full English breakfast with all the trimmings....

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