Friday and the end of a grueling week

Yesterday, I was absolutely exhausted from the emotional roller coaster ride of the last few days. I went swimming first thing but even that was a struggle so when I got home I just spent the rest of the day pottering and sorting out the paperwork and writing letters etc. I did put an ox tongue on to cook for supper. It had been in brine for a few days and was ready to be dealt with. We had a couple of slices each for supper with some boiled potatoes spinach and a nice caper sauce. The remainder has been pressed and jellied to have as cold meat. James had been called back to Hendon for a second medical which had rather concerned us but as it turned out it was a paperwork hitch and nothing serious so we were all relieved to hear that and the new clutch means his car is running sweetly again. I rang my friend Mary to see if she wanted me to come down and give her a hand with her husband but fortunately they have now taken him into a hospice so she is relieved of the full time nursing care. I must admit that I was hugely relieved as I didn't really feel strong enough to cope with more grief.
Today, we are off to Shiona's house to see the puppies which as yet we have not seen in the flesh. It will be interesting to see how my dogs react to the puppies they will no doubt run away from them, which is the usual reaction to small fast moving dogs/children.
I am making some headway with the weight loss and having started at 13-11 am now 13-3 which is not a bad loss for the time. However, it will all go to hell in a basket next week when my chef friends are coming so I will be on full cooking duties. As yet I haven't planned out the menu but that will have to be my first stop. I have some wonderful ox cheek and kidney so a steak and kidney pie will feature somewhere. They are coming on Sunday afternoon and leaving Wednesday morning so there are quite a few meals to think about. We are planning a trip to our local oriental supermarket See Woo in Greenwich so I may well pick up some bits and pieces there.
I really need to get out into the garden and plant some garlic and also the broad beans. It was such a lovely day yesterday but I just didn't have the energy so now I feel guilty. I believe we are in for a day of wind and rain on Saturday, but Sunday is supposed to be good weather which will be a bonus as I am going shooting down in Dover. Well that about it time to get my act together if I am to get to the pool by 7.30 and do my lengths.
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