Friday and a bit early this morning

Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ What a mouthful no wonder they call it black grass. Yesterday was a gorgeous day the sun shone and I got a few jobs done before the folks arrived for shooting. My neighbour gave me some strawberry runners so I planted them straight away in between the gooseberry bushes. I gave the chickens run a bit of a birthday as it was all pretty soggy from the day before's rain. By the time we got to shooting I was already feeling tired and I shot like a drain which did nothing for my mood. We had lunch in the club house and I ate half my bacon sandwich giving the other half to Basso. Then they ordered a bowl of chips which I had to turn down - oh misery. I did however manage to stick within my calorie allowance of 1100 so I should have felt good but I just felt sad and deprived. I had some corn on the cob for dinner and believe me without butter it is just chicken food. Then a bowl of spaghetti with mince and tomato sauce. I refuse to call it bolognese as it isn't. Anyway, I am sure to loose some to the 2 stone that I need get off but it is going to be a slog......
Today, I have a relatively free day and if the weather holds I would like to get stuck into the garden - there is so much to do. I have placed my order for vegetables for next year, which always cheers me up. I am also hoping that my honey will be done and I can go and collect it - I will then have a final total for the year. It was so chilly first thing that the bees were all tucked up in bed and it wasn't until the temperature rose that they started to fly, they aren't stupid are they!!!!
Tomorrow is my dog training day so I will have to make sure that I get enough sleep and that I am on form. Having paid £65 for the day it would be a shame not to make the most of it. Mike is going to drive me to Tonbridge where the farm is and then come back and fetch me which means he can have the car for the day, while Basso and I get on with our training.
My eldest son is arriving from Thailand but not until 10pm so his brother is going to Heathrow to fetch him - I think I will be wrecked after the days training and only fit for my bed.
Have a good day all of you lets hope it is a lovely sunny day like yesterday..............

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