Who ate the dog treats?

What a busy day I had yesterday, I had a lovely ride in the morning despite the the hike I had to go and fetch Mork who was miles away at the top of the hill. When I got him in the others at the stables said that he had been a bit of a pickle and refused to be caught for several days but he was as quiet as a lamb for me. It was a smashing day to ride and we stuck mostly to the woods where there was shade and it was relatively cool. I didn't get back home until 12 midday having left at 8.30 so I was very glad that I had organised the lunch before I left.

After my siesta a neighbours child came knocking to have a dip in the pool which I had promised her on Sunday, I would have joined her but I had a dog training class to go to that evening so I didn't have the time or the inclination. The OH had been sent to buy some frankfurter sausages to use as dog treats for class. We had been advised to bring something very smelly as a treat as there are so many distractions for the puppies it helps to concentrate their minds on the job in hand. Basso behaved reasonably well though he was rather full of himself as he hadn't had a good walk that day. I really need to do more work on the lead with him as he is very strong and I need him to be better controlled if I am to be able to hold him when he gets a bit older and even stronger. There was a couple at class with a flat coated retriever and I was able to pick their brains with regard to gun dog training. I had previously been advised not to do training with him until he was a year old but they felt this was wrong and I should start now so I will have to contact the local gun-dog club and see if I can't get that organised.
Anyway we got home at 9pm and I was ravenous so I must admit that I made myself a sandwich with the remaining dog treats before crashing out in bed exhausted.

Today, is supposed to be a good day weather wise but at present it is heavily overcast. I am hoping to get some work done in the garden as I have rather neglected the weeds and they are flourishing!!! Lunch will be a ham salad but I haven't the foggiest what we will be having for dinner, it won't be dog treats that's for certain as some pig ate all those!!! I will have to have a trawl through the freezer and I'm sure something will offer itself up for consumption. Ah, I just remembered, smoked chicken that I bought in France that will do and no doubt I will find some veg to go with it.

First job thought is to run the iron over yesterdays washing. I am a bit of a prawn and iron the sheets, which I know is unnecessary but I do like them freshly ironed so I am my own worst enemy in that respect. Then it will be a dog walk round the rugby field, breakfast and out to the garden and those weeds.

What are your plans for the day and what are you going to eat, hopefully not dog treats?

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