Well what a day we had yesterday it came down in stair rods most of the day and I got well and truly soaked taking the dogs for a walk. It is the first time in ages that I have required my waterproof trousers as well as the anorak. Riding was cancelled needless to say but Mork's owner was going to bring him into the stable as there is not shelter in the field. This morning looks bright with a dappled sky but according to the weather forecast it will not last and there is more rain on the way which will continue until Thursday. Oh joy, this means we are likely to have a wet day to pick up the van!!!!I put off doing the laundry yesterday but today I will have to do it if we are to have clothes to wear on holiday so I will have to draught in the tumble dryer.

Vacuum packed potatoes worked really well and reheated in the microwave in moments so it is a definite for the caravan. Today we will have to eat up the bits and pieces from the fridge and possibly have a take away for supper so that there is little or no washing up and we can make a quick start tomorrow morning.

I was interested in the news of how much food is thrown away per capita in the UK, I was raised by my 2 grandmothers who had lived through the war and were fanatical about waste, which is a trait I have inherited. My English grandmother bottled or made jam out of everything and anything my grandad grew in the garden and my Italian grandmother was equally rigorous as they had very nearly starved under German occupation. My mother weighed six and a half stone when 9 months pregnant with me and she was only an inch shorter at 5' 7".

Last night I went to obedience classes with Basso and for once he didn't let me down he was an absolute star. The trainer chose him as a demonstration dog of how to train sit, down and stand and bless him he did everything immaculately. He was also a very good boy on the recall which we have been practicing while out walking. I felt like a proud parent and am filled with enthusiasm to continue the training. It is quite difficult at home as the other 2 dogs want to join in and if I say SIT I get three dogs sitting waiting to be praised. Nip and Tuc went to obedience classes as puppies and are very well behaved for terriers who are renowned for their willfulness.

I will have to try and check on the bees tonight before we set off on holiday, and my wonderful neighbours are going to look out for the chickens while I am away. Unfortunately they are not egg eaters as one doesn't like them and the other is allergic to them however they both eat raspberries and there should be plenty for them to pick. I picked my first courgettes for supper last night so there may well be some of those also.

The tax office have done something stupid with my tax coding and despite numerous phone calls yesterday I was unable to get through. I will be making renewed efforts today and hope that I can get hold of human being to explain what is going on. They have dropped my tax coding from the 400's to 64. I'm wondering if this is because I am about to get my state pension but I can't see that the paltry sum will make such a significant change to my taxable income.

Well that's it for this morning, I must get on now as I have loads to do, the house is a tip and there is nothing worse than coming back from a few days away to face a mess you have left behind!!!!

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