Well I'm up bright and early this morning it is only just light but it looks like another good day. Today, we are off to France for lunch and a bit of shopping. We leave Folkestone on the train at 9.50 which gets us into Calais at 11.30 french time and just in time to drive out to Sangat [sp]for lunch. We usually buy some veal and an array of goodies for supper when we get home such as pate and cheese etc. I also buy Belgian endive as it is so much cheaper. Mike restocks with wine and then we make our way to the terminal and I restock on cigarettes then its home to the dogs and a supper of what ever we have bought. Not exactly thrilling but a pleasant enough day out. The usual ticket price is £54 for the car and passengers but we only pay £15 in Tesco vouchers so it is very economical I couldn't even buy a train ticket for one person to London for that money. Given that we only live 30 miles from London that does seem a bit ridiculous.

I don't know if you have been watching the BBC one production of Criminal Justice, I have, and its the last episode tonight so I mustn't miss that as it is getting quite exciting.

My friend will have to leave for home this evening as she is expecting a builder, early tomorrow morning, who is going to tile her kitchen. Her house is gradually getting finished and it has been quite a year for her but she has made remarkable progress. The loss of her husband is still a pretty raw subject but she has knuckled down and got on with her life as best as she could. Widowhood, is quite a scary though and as I am ten years younger than Mike it could well be my lot at some time I only hope that I cope as well as she has.

Enjoy your day what ever you have planned and lets hope the sun shines on us all...
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