Thank you all for answering

I have no way of knowing if anyone reads this drivel unless there are comments posted so thanks for the posts yesterday.

What a lovely weekend, weather wise it was hot and sunny and yesterday must be one of the few days I can remember spending the day in my bathing costume. The kids arrived at about 11 like two boiled lobsters so they were stripped off and dunked in the pool to cool down. We had a lovely lazy day sitting in the garden under the umbrella so as not to get burned. Lunch was assorted salads and a smoked chicken that I had bought in France and stashed in the freezer for emergencies. Supper was a repeat performance with some cold tongue so all very easy on the catering department. I did however, make some tomato juice in my new juice extractor. If any of you are familiar with V8 that is how it tastes as I added some carrot celery onion and garlic. I filled a bottle for the kids to take home and have set some as a jelly to have for lunch today. Ideally it is meant for extracting fruit juice to make cordials and jellies but I had to have a go so tomatoes were the only thing available as the local farm shop sells whole boxes at £3 so well worth it.

Today is going to be a busy one as I am destined to take the dogs and my friend and her three kids, twins aged 1o and a boy of 3, down to the river to give the dogs a swimming session at 9 am which is high tide. I also have to ring my bee mentor to come and sort out my bees who are being a bit of a pain. I mean that literally, as when I last opened the hive I was stung 15 times through my bee suit. They seem to be very peaceable when left alone but when I go meddling with their abode they get very angry. Not surprising really! It is also dog obedience classes at 8pm tonight and I am hoping to have Basso nice and tired so that he is a bit less boisterous. He now weighs 4 stone and still has about 3 inches to grow and a lot of filling out to do. A fully grown male can reach 11 stone so some way to go yet!!!

I should have been riding this morning but there is no way I can fit it in to my busy schedule so I will have to give it a miss and go on Friday.

Aren't kids funny? some how the conversation got round to old peoples homes and they informed me that they would not be putting me into one unless I could no longer potter about making cups of tea. They had decided, that they would be happy to look after me and fully expected just to supervise while I took up hang gliding or ab-sailing or some other mad hobby. I do hope they are right, I would so prefer to go out with a bang rather than a whimper. They were however, worried about the garden and if they could cope with it; I said I would start to write a garden diary explaining what needed doing and when!!!!!So that is my dotage all planned out then....

The house looks like that battle of the Somme so I will have to get my finger out and get on with some house work. I left Mike to clear up last night as I was shattered and he did: he moved everything from the dining table and put it in the kitchen. Did he empty the dishwasher? NO. Did he put any of the condiments away? NO. Did he put away the stuff I had washed up? NO. You get the picture? There is a nice pile of dirty dishes on the surface above the dishwasher, SOOOO helpful....

Well having moaned about it I suppose I had better go and do something about it. I know I should leave it for him to do but whats the point he is beyond training and in the end it is easier to do it myself.

Have a good one everyone

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