Summer is here with a vengeance

Boy was hit hot yesterday we started the day with a trip to the vet and much to our relief Basso has got mange which sounds crazy but this is so much easier to treat than some obscure allergy. However, we have been told not to take him to his classes so I will have to do practice at home and hope that we don't miss too much. We then had loads of shopping to do and as the kids have broken up from school this was somewhat of a nightmare. By the time we reached home I was close to boiling point so my first port of call was the pool to cool down. I decided to have a barbecue in the evening and did some lovely bits of lamb which had been marinading in lemon juice garlic and rosemary. I also char grilled some courgettes and aubergines to go with it and finally to use the last of the heat I put some spuds on the embers. I am hoping to do a similar trick today but with chicken legs which are to be marinaded in piri-piri sauce. I bought a box of cheap chicken wings which I have used to make soup with and the remaining bits will make a nice meal for the dogs, very economical I think. Today for lunch we are going to have our favourite salad, belgian endive with blue cheese and pear dressed with a little mayo with some dijon mustard.

While the weather is cool I am hoping to get a serious amount of gardening done as the veg plot is growing weeds as well as veg. I am going to have shed loads of courgettes so any recipes would be most welcome!!!The garden looks pretty autumnal as it is so dry so the hose has had to be put on regularly. Fortunately we don't have a hose pipe ban yet but I bet it wont be long before we do. We have one almost every year and they are building houses like it was going out of fashion but have done nothing to alleviate the water shortage problems.

Well that's about it for today it is now 6am and the dogs are fretting for their breakfast and I need to get going or it will start getting hot and I will wilt, then be frustrated that I haven't accomplished all that I wanted. Have a lovely sunny day
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