Sorry bit late this morning

I had a bit of a rough night last night and and woke at 1 am finally getting back to sleep at about 3 so didn't wake till 7.
It looks like it is going to be a hot one today and my friend and her dog are due to visit so I think we will be going for walks in the woods where it is cool. Basso has recovered from his bout of sickness but spent most of yesterday asleep or drinking water. You can imagine just how much sick a large dog can produce so my day was spent mopping up the carpet. In the end I might as well have shampooed the whole thing. I thought it best to miss gun dog classes which was a shame but I think he needed 24 hours to recover he is after all just a baby.

I found a good use for some of the courgettes I sliced them finely on a mandolin and then put them in a pan and cooked them slowly I then put some left over pasta on top with 4 beaten eggs and seasoning of Parmesan cheese and made a sort of layered frittata. It was very tasty and and made 5 courgettes almost disappear.

Today I have some bits of salmon out for lunch but no idea what I am going to do with them yet my head is still in a bit of a muddle as I don't seem to be fully awake yet, still on the first mug of black coffee.

Today is our bin collection day so I have had to rush about and get that sorted as they do come quite early. This week they collect the recycling and next week it is garden refuse. Because we have been on holiday all the bins are full to overflowing.

I am going to have an exciting evening as my bee mentor is coming to sort out the bees and hopefully he can give me some guidance as to why they are being so aggressive. I hope that I don't have to destroy the colony but if they are an aggressive type then that will be their fate I'm afraid. There is no point in breeding aggressive bees so a new queen may be in order anyway I will give you the low down on the situation tomorrow. I should be getting my nuke [half size hive] today so that may make slpitting the colony a possibity.

Anyway must dash now I am several hours behind and need to get on the house looks like hiroshima and the laundry is piled high. I also have a bread pudding which has been soaking over night and will be ready for the cooking this morning just the eggs to add. Perhaps one of you who is still using WLR could give me a calorie count on this:-
200g sugar
500g bread
120 sultana
4 eggs
No fat so I guess it will be not too bad. Unless you dollop double cream on top!!!

Anyway have a good one I must fly now and get things in train or I will be chasing my tail all day.

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