Slightly cooler

We had a good downpour last night which has at least freshened the air a little and saved me a big job of watering.

We managed to draw quite a crowd for Basso's swimming lesson yesterday and I expect it was quite a sight. I had to wade into the river up to my chest to get him out of his depth and he was doing so much dogie paddle that I was completely soaked from head to foot. Good job I had on a bathing costume under my shorts and tee shirt. So imagine, 3 children and 3 dogs in the river with one mad 60 year old woman. Anyway, he was getting better by the time we left and the 2 little dogs had had a ball swimming with the children. When we got home I showered Basso with the hose to get the salt out of his coat and the 2 little dogs joined myself and the kids in the pool for a cool down. It was climbing to 30 degrees but lunch time so I got some fish fingers out of the freezer and we made some assorted salads to accompany them and all sat under the umbrella in the garden for lunch. The children were packed off home with their mum and Mike and I collapsed in bed for a siesta.

It was so hot in the afternoon that we did nothing and had a relatively early supper of some sirloin steaks which I cooked on the barbecue, then it was off to school for Basso. He was so well behaved I was amazed, either he was just tired out or he was too hot but he did everything that was asked of him. The trainer then asked me how he was getting on and I said he was getting bored as he was loosing concentration. She then commented that this was to be expected because he was so bright and picked everything up so quickly. Now who's the proud mother!!!!
We finally got home at about 9pm exhausted and boiled so what did we do, naughty bad people that we are. We sat and ate the crispy bacon that I had put on the barbecue's dying embers and I had earmarked for a salad for today. So its back to the drawing board for the lunch menu. Dinner is taken care of as we are off to my friends for supper then on to gun-dog school tonight. This will be a different kettle of fish as Basso is the baby of the class and all the other dogs are much further advanced than him. The session is 2 hours and I don't think he will manage that so we will probably leave early if he gets tired. The weather forecast is for more rain so it is the wet weather gear and boots as the ground is very rough.

I never did get round to hoovering the dining room and I think there is more earth on the carpet than in the flower beds!!!!I had better do it soon or I will be weeding the carpet too. Unfortunately we use the dining room patio doors as a back door so everything goes straight on to the carpet from the garden. I have often though of having a hard floor instead of carpet so that it would be easier to maintain but as yet I haven't managed to persuade Mike of the benefit, so guess who is being put in charge of hoovering the carpet?

I intend to take it easy this morning and just have a good ablution session as I am a bit rank to say the least then after lunch we will head off to my friends house. I have booked us another weeks holiday in September we will go off to the caravan and some other friends will come with us for the first 3 days but they will be staying in the B&B so that is much less work for me.

Well thats about it hope you all have a good day wet or dry....

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