Monday morning

Well folks it is supposed to be a wonderful day today, isn't it always the way that when people have to go back to work the weather improves. I suppose it is yet another of the advantages of being retired it really doesn't matter to me as weekends mean very little.

The plan of campaign for today is to go riding this morning and no doubt Mork will be miles away so I will have a good steep climb to go and fetch him. I console myself with the number of calories it must burn and having put on 3 pounds it will do me good. I had planned to go swimming once a week but as yet I haven't managed to fit it in to the shedule. Yes, thats an excuse I know!!!! Anyway I did take Basso for his swimming lesson yesterday as it was high tide at 9.30 which was an ideal time. Once we get back I have three dogs to hose down and get the salt out of their coats. Basso has hated it up to now but he was an angel and let me wash him off with little trouble, so at least he will look nice for school this evening. He has a new favourite toy which I bought in Suffolk it is a pink pig that grunts when you squeeze it and we have named her Pancetta he also has a squeaky cow which is called Methane so between the two of them he can make quite a noise as he feels the need to sing to them!!!!

I managed to get quite a bit of gardening done and thought to myself what a crazy thing gardening is you spend half the year nurturing plants to make them grow and the rest of the year chopping them back when they have grown. As I was going around dead heading I thought of you Anne, as one of the plants that required the most work was the "Hemerocallis" Greek I believe for day Lilly. Anyway once I had finished all the chores I decided that it was time for a 10,000 mile service so it was off to the bath for a long hot soak and then all those little things that I forget most of the time. manicure pedicure eyebrow plucking etc and then a healthy amount of moisturising cream liberally spread over the body. Unfortunately I still don't look 25 but I do feel a bit better and look a little less like a navey.

With the weather looking so good I think today will be a good day to wash sheets and towels so as soon as I can get OH out of the bed I will strip it and get it all in the machine. Now to think about food. I have a light lamb stew which I got out of the freezer so that will do for one meal and I think lunch will have to be something quick like pasta, pesto and salad. The raspberries are coming in thick and fast so we will no doubt have a portion of those. I now have a clear veg bed as I pulled out the last of the broad beans and I think the only thing to plant this late will be either perpetual spinach or lettuce both of which the pigeons will no doubt appreciate!!!!Still I suppose I shouldn't moan as at least I am not plagued by rabbits or deer.

I have a small shopping mission to accomplish this week some time and that is to find a cheap children's tiara, my sister-in-law who is having a party this weekend said that I would not need my ball gown but the tiara was necessary [this was a joke you understand] but I thought it might be fun to turn up in jeans and a tiara!!!! It should be great fun as all the family will be gathered for the first time in ages but I am a little apprehensive as one of the sister-in-laws is terrified of dogs and I have 3 so I think most of my time will be taken in keeping the dogs under control despite the fact that they will be hugely excited with all the people around.

While I have been writing this blog Basso has popped out to the garden and kindly brought me the contents of the wheel barrow which he has scattered all over the dining room floor. He seems convinced that weeds should be kept indoors!!!!!or perhaps it is fodder for methane and pancetta!!!!

Anyway have a good day with whatever you have planned and enjoy the summer which is happening today!!!!


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