Is there anybody there?

No one seems to be around this weekend but I suppose that is to be expected as the kids have now broken up from school and every one is taking their well earned summer holidays.

I had a fabulous day yesterday and worked solidly in the garden. I have got the vegetable patch back to pristine order and have even decided to do a bit more planting despite the pigeon attacks. This time I will be a bit more sensible and make sure I net everything. I thought I would put in a row of perpetual spinach and some lettuce both of which are susceptible to the bird predation. By lunch time, I was very hot and sweaty so I took myself off to the pool for a cool down before eating. We has some soup that I had made from some chicken wings and a nice salad with a little blue cheese. I then took myself off for a lie down but didn't manage to sleep.

In the evening we lit the barbecue and I did a couple of aubergines and some piri piri chicken which was delicious. I then used the hot coals to light a bonfire. This was no mean feat, as the place where I normally burn stuff is right next to the bee hive, so I moved the burning basket to the bridge across the pond, which is made of stone, and lit the fire there. It worked well, as any flying embers landed in the water and so it was very safe given the dry conditions. This morning I will brush up the ashes and put those into the compost heap. I then took myself off for a long hot soak in the bath as I was very filthy and smelly but also very satisfied.

The kids are going to pop in today around lunch time so I will have to see what is available to eat for four. I think it might be bits and pieces I have some cold potatoes which will make a nice salad, lettuce and tomato, aubergines, carrots and a celeriac so I should be able to cobble something out of that lot.

During the night I had several bouts of cramp in one leg so I had probably dehydrated myself and not drunk enough water, I will do better today. When I eventually woke at 4.30 the sun was already peeping over the horizon and there is hardly a cloud in the sky so it looks like we are in for another hot one. Most of the garden got a watering but I forgot the boxes on my flat roof, that will be my first job this morning before the sun hits the roof. The barbecue could also do with a clean so that it is ready for next time. A job that I hate doing!!!

I also have plans to make some tomato juice which will use my newly acquired steam extractor but I will need a large box of tomatoes which I know I can buy for about £3 from a farm shop but it is about 10 miles away. I will see if Mike is willing to go and get them for me?

Anyway enough of all this rubbish time to get going, dogs to feed, dishwasher to empty and lunch preparations to make. Have a good one everyone......

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