Interesting day yesterday

It was another glorious day with very hot sunshine. My friend arrived with her dog so there was general mayhem and while the dogs played we had some time to catch up on all the goings on of here trip to Scotland and our holiday in Suffolk.

We had a simple lunch of poached trout with cucumber[from the glass house] salad and some new potatoes. Mike was sent on a shopping expedition as we were low on some bits and pieces and came back via the butcher where he bought some nice lamb chumps which we marinaded in lemon garlic and rosemary and had for supper after cooking on the barbecue.

We all had a dip in the pool that is the humans and the dogs as it was boiling hot around mid day. When it cooled down we took the dogs for a walk in the woods where it is shady. My bee mentor was unable to come and sort out my bees but has promised to come this evening which has worked out well as the Nuke [half hive] arrived yesterday so I now have somewhere to transfer some of the bees if necessary.

My friend has a gun and is thinking of taking up shooting again so I have asked if I can tag along and learn too. This means I can share her gun which is a ladies one and it will give me some idea as to whether I am any good and it is worth buying a gun as I know they are pretty expensive. I would also have to apply for a licence and get a gun cabinet fixed in the house. I am fairly competent with an air rifle but have never shot a shot gun. Mikes face was a picture during this discussion.....

Thanks for the cal read out the bread pudding works out at 222 cals per portion as it makes 12 nice blocks. I also think it may be a bit less as I made it with my own bread which contains no sugar unlike the shop bought stuff. It is a very different animal from bread and butter pudding and is much more like cake. It makes a nice treat and most of it has ended up in the freezer.

I also did 4 machine loads of washing as I stripped off the mattress covers and washed those also which meant we had several beds to make before we could retire. What joy to have another nurse to help with bed making the task was accomplished in a flash. It would have taken me ages by myself. It was decided earlier that she would stay the night as she has a hair appointment locally this morning so we can babysit the dog. She very sensibly travels with a clean pair of knickers and a toothbrush in the car in case of emergencies. It is all you need as most houses have toothpaste soap shampoo etc. In fact, we also have a couple of cheap new tooth brushes stashed away for any guest who have to stay unexpectedly.

Everyone is still asleep including the 4 dogs so I am going to get stuck into the ironing while it is cool. Whatever we decide to have for lunch will be with potato salad as I have a bowl full in the fridge and as for dinner I haven't a clue. I think eggs will feature heavily as we are inundated again so omelets are high on my list.

Hope you all have a nice day, sorry I cant recommend any books I have been reading gun dog training manuals and beekeeping books of late not novels.

Do you have a menu plan for your guests Anne?

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