Back to normal again

Yesterday saw the washing and ironing completed, how can 2 people make so much washing? We must either be very dirty or very clean people I don't know which!!!once I had finished I threw myself in the pool to cool down it was not exactly a good day for ironing as it was soooo hot. The dogs showed no interest in going out for a walk I think they were exhausted from their holiday and were just pleased to lay on the carpet and recover. Once it had started to cool down I spent a good couple of hours in the garden which looks more like autumn than high summer. I cut the grass and then put the hose on it as it is going brown already.
I had large numbers of courgettes to get rid off so I made courgette pancakes for lunch and there were so many that they came round again for supper with some nice lambs sweetbreads which I found in a butcher in Woodbridge. The store cupboard is pretty bare so today for my sins I will need to go and do some shopping, but first it's a trip to the vet with Basso who is still very itchy and definitely needs some attention. I bathed the other 2 dogs in the garden with the hose as they had both rolled and filled their coats with sand and other unmentionables. Basso just had his face and paws done as I didn't want to aggravate his skin condition with shampoo.

It looks like it is going to be another hot one today so I will have to get going early while it is still cool. I must admit I hate the very hot weather hence the pool it is the only way to cool down. I quite fancy a barbecue this evening so I think I will have to purchase some bits that will do well on that. Lamb cutlets perhaps? I love them smothered in mustard and brown sugar them caramelised on the hot coals. I also have to order a nuke [small hive] for the bees which are going very well but they seem to hate me with a vengeance and I managed to get stung last night just going to the compost heap one got trapped inside the leg of my cut off jeans and stung me.

I should have been riding this morning but there is too much to do and it is too hot, I'm sure Mork will be delighted that he can stay in the field and munch the grass; he is getting so fat it is difficult to do up the girth on his saddle. It only seems a little while ago that we were so worried that he was getting very thin.

Well onward and upward I must get on now or I will be sorry. Have a great day everyone and if you are working I hope the weather holds for the weekend.

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