Absolutely shattered

Four thirty and the birds are shouting their heads off. I could have done with a lie in this morning following our first gun-dog class last evening. The class was held nearly an hours drive from home so we had to set of at 5.30 pm which gave us a little extra time to find the place. It's always the way if you leave time to find somewhere it turns out to be very easy but if you are tight for time its really difficult. Anyway, I am a few quid lighter and the proud possessor of a lanyard and whistle, and a member of the utility gun dog club but it seems I will also need a dummy and a game bag before I am properly equipped. An older lady took the class and filled me with confidence as she very obviously knew all there is to know about dog training. It was a beautiful evening for the session which was held in a field alongside the most wonderful house and gardens. Basso acquitted himself very well and was eager to join in all the activities. He was desperate to go and pick up the dummy but that is not for him just yet he needs to learn the basics first. This is going to be one very well educated dog. Now all I have to do is remember all the instructions that I have had to learn also. We finally got home at about 9.30 and by the time we had eaten it was gone 10.30 and thought Basso went to bed and became unconscious instantly it took me a little longer so the 4.30 alarm was really not appreciated.

Today we will be without the car as it is going in for its service but that is really quite easy as they come and collect it and bring it back when it is done. All we have to do is pay them a kings ransom for the privilege. I intend to have a pretty quiet day and spend some time watering the garden which is a as dry as a bone. The temperature didn't drop below 18 degrees last night so it was very muggy and sticky but the sky looks clear this morning, no chance of rain today I think. I can also spend some time getting things together for the second half of our holiday which starts again on Friday morning when we drive back up to Suffolk to take back possession of the caravan. Packing for Mike and I takes all of about 5 minutes but packing all the dogs stuff is what takes the time.

Anyway enjoy the good weather while it lasts and have a great day .......

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