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Many thanks to all

I had a wonderful Birthday, the dogs has a fabulous time swimming and running at the reservoir and poor old Basso was completely pole axed and has only left his bed for the odd trip to the garden to relieve himself the rest of the time he seems comatose. My son thoroughly enjoyed himself as he was allowed to play with the Ferrari and listen to the engine roar and his girl friend was also pleased as she was in the company of other scottish people so they could reminisce over their language differences.

Now a question for Anne, I was given a nice plaque, a replica of the mosaic at Pompey, which says CAVE CANEM. I translate this as "beware of the dog" but I not sure if that should be "beware dogs". So what I am asking is, is it singular or plural? I never studied Latin just picked up bits and pieces over the years.

The plan of campaign for today, I should go riding but I don't really feel in the mood so I may give it a miss. I have the salmon to smoke and the…

Three score years

Well today is the day I can officially get my bus pass and when I came downstairs I found the dining room filled with balloons wishing my happy birthday which the kids must have done last night. Somehow, 60 seems a significant age but my mind is having difficulty accepting that I am now officially an old person, I don't feel any different than when I was 40 the body might be a bit less supple but I still feel young in my head.

We went out for a lovely meal last night and I ate myself to a stand still and today we are off for a long walk around the reservoir with some friends and their dogs. Basso did his first swim yesterday, he was afraid to get out of his depth but as he turned to run back to shore he lost his footing and had to swim!!!

The weather is looking gorgeous and the sun is shining with not a cloud in the sky and the merest hint of a breeze. We managed to fix the filter on the pond and James did a few of the heavier chores for me so now I can relax a bit for the summe…


What a sleep I had last night, I was so tired, I slept like the dead and this morning I feel so much better. Tiredness creeps up on you and I have had so many disturbed nights with the cat that I was completely on my knees yesterday. Today, I am looking forward to an easy day all I have to do is make the baked potatoes some fillings and a salad. I was not the only one who was tired yesterday, Basso was also pole axed following his evening of total lunacy at the dog classes and was happy to snooze most of the day.
The smoked haddock recipe worked out very well and would have been a resounding success if I had not over filled the steamer and ended up with fishy water all over the kitchen surfaces and floor. Anyway I now have a pristine kitchen as it needed a serious clean up after the disaster.

The weather is of broken cloud and a light breeze today so it may well turn out to be sunny later, we spent a fruitless couple of hours yesterday trying to replace the ultra violet bulb in the …

Poets day and another week gone

Good morning all, I feel shattered this morning as I was out late last night at ring craft classes with Basso who was just a buffoon and did nothing he was told but decided he was there to play with the other dogs. Still he is very young and has a lot of learning to do yet. We didn't get back till 10pm so I was not asleep until 12 and the banshee started at 4am. I did complete my garden chores yesterday and everything is trimmed to within an inch of its life. The pool is up and filled so if we have a bad summer I apologise now it's all my fault for provoking the Gods.
Today, I am supposed to be riding but the weather doesn't look too good at the moment and we did have some rain over night. I have ordered a crab from my fishmonger which we will be having for lunch and some undyed smoked haddock which we will be having for supper with a cucumber sauce. This is a new recipe so we will see how it turns out. I will also need to do some shopping as the kids are coming do…

Late start

This morning I am up really late but that is due to taking sleeping tablets at 2am however it is slightly counterproductive as I now feel very hung over. It is a glorious sunny day and I will have to pull myself together as I have plenty planned for this morning. I managed to do the bay trees yesterday but now I need to move on to the box hedges and the cupressus arch which needs a trim. Unfortunately this will need a step ladder as it is quite high. I have two tubs of sweet peas but the birds are eating all the buds off all the plants so sadly no flowers yet. I have some Tibetan raspberry plants which are purely ornamental and my bees are absolutely loving them as they are smothered in tiny pink flowers at the moment. Yesterday, I made an interesting lunch, Jamie Olivers brunch loaf which was absolutely delicious but very high in calories so today had better be a bit restrained. The bacon has had its allotted time drying and I have decided to leave it green so I think it will …
For once it is not the cats fault that I am up at this ungodly hour. I did this to myself by going to bed too early and falling asleep by 9pm. It's still pitch dark outside, not surprising as it is the middle of the night. Yesterday evening, I took the dogs to the estuary as it was high tide at 5.30 and I thought it might be a good opportunity for Basso to get over his fear of water. The other dogs just jumped in for a swim and he paced back and forth at the waters edge desperate to join in but was too afraid until I went in up to my knees and called him to me with the reward of a treat. He finally made it in up to his ankles so we called it a day at that and made our way home where he had more water to face as the salt needed to be washed out of his coat. Needless to say he was exhausted and so was I.

It's wonderful how a bit of sunshine puts a burr under your saddle, I managed to get the front garden box hedge cut and we have a weeping cotoneaster which also needed a ha…

Sun rise

Yes, the banshee got me up at 3.45 and it is just beginning to get light, the sky looks clear so we may be in for another good day. Yesterday evening, I took Basso to an obedience class and we are booked up for an eight week course. He will enjoy that as he will be with puppies of his own age and so it is a good opportunity for socialisation. On Thursday, he is off to ring craft classes so that is his education sorted. Today, I will sort the bacon out and put it to air dry for a couple of days before smoking. The hens are laying well and have each laid an egg over the last couple of days, so I have been giving the odd few away to friends and neighbours. I bought a kilo of Parmesan at the deli and have divided it into reasonable size chunks which I have vacuum packed so they will last me some time. I ventured on to the scales this morning and have put on a pound but I'm not sure if that is true weight or just a fluctuation so I will keep an eye on it as the last thing I want…

Not so early this morning

The banshee woke me at 3.30 but I managed to get back to sleep and finally woke at 5.30 very late for me.. It's a a beautiful day here the sun is shining and the wind has dropped, the bees are out and about doing what bees do. So far so good, no complaints from the neighbours and with any luck they will all have bumper harvest of fruit and veg thanks to the bees.

Today, I have planned a shopping trip to our nearest good delicatessen which is near Faversham so a fair drive. I am out of lots of stuff like Parmesan cheese and I also need to restock the nuts and seeds department. Fortunately, we pass an agricultural shop on the way so I will have to see if I can get myself some new feeders for the hens, who are hooligans, and have destroyed the current ones. The shop is called Gillet and Cooke, but I could never remember its name and so we started calling it "Gobbit and Spittle", and unfortunately it has stuck. I am not going riding this morning as the girl who owns the h…
Good morning all, its cloudy, breezy and warm here and surprisingly we had very little rain yesterday. The party went off well but there was a ton of food left over so I have brought some of the chicken in cream sauce home for lunch today. We took Basso with us and he acquitted himself admirably, he spent most of the time sleeping in his crate in the car but came out for regular little runs around the garden and introductions to the various visitors. Being an unusual breed, everyone wants to see him and they are all stunned by his eyes which are so human and very un-dog-like. Mike, who was so very anti in the beginning is a complete convert and is like a proud father.
My very early start yesterday has left me feeling like a wet dish cloth today, so although I know I need to do some exercise to wear off the calories from yesterday I think I may well have a sloth day and take it very easy. Dead heading the roses and cleaning out the chickens may be the most exercise I get. I'…

The longest day!!!

I think today is the longest day, well, it may well be for me as the banshee started at 3.45 am and there is no chance of siesta today as we are off to a party at 12 midday until 6pm. I think I could well be in bed and sleeping by 8pm. The promised rain never materialised we only got a bit of a splash so the veg garden will need watering. There seem to be some sort of law regarding watering, if I water it rains, if I don't it stays dry!!!!

The bees seem to be very well behaved and were out and about their business during the day but put themselves to bed by about 7pm. Much easier than the rest of the livestock the chickens decided to give me the runaround last night and refused to go to bed until I chased them into their pen. I have to lock them up at night as we have a resident fox family and I also put their food away to try and discourage the mice and rats who come for a free meal.

Today's dilemmas are what to wear? and do I take the dogs with me? I think the dog prob…

The waiting is finally over

I can now officially call myself a beekeeper, at long last my queen and her 30,000 entourage arrived last night and were safely bedded into their new home. They have 2lbs of sugar made into a syrup by way of a welcome meal while they settle into their new surrounding and get to grips with what is available for them by way of forage. I guess, that makes me a Lady in waiting, so now the hard part, I have to leave them undisturbed for a week but I can see me spending the odd few hours just watching the comings and goings. My bee mentor is a gentleman of great knowledge and the guy who took the classes on beekeeping but better still he has also had allotments and so I was able to pick his brain on a variety of garden issues as well.
If any of you, like me, hate having their photo taken can I recommend a bee suite it's the first time I have had my photo taken without combing my hair first!!!!
Today, I am off riding first thing which is just as well as from what the weather forecast sa…

Guess who?


Today is the day the queen arrives

The weather here is as the forecast said wet and windy, not very auspicious for the arrival of the queen and her entourage this evening. Sometimes the gods smile on you though, my Heath Robinson netting saved my cabbages but those that I left unprotected have been completely decimated, no sorry wrong word, obliterated by the pigeons. Yesterday, started well but went a bit pear shaped, we went off to the shops and I forgot to put the baked potatoes on so we ended up having an all day breakfast in Tesco. I did however, try to be good and didn't have the fried bread, fried egg etc but had mushrooms, bacon, sausage and scrambled egg. Don't be envious, it was disgusting, boiled mushrooms, powdered egg and sausages with no meat just filler.
I have booked a cross channel jaunt for the 4th July as we need to restock and for once we are going on our own. The Tesco vouchers are wonderful as it means it only costs us £15 for a car and as many people as it will hold to cross on/in the…

To bee or not to bee!!!

Well it is just getting light and still no sign of the rain they forecast. I did manage to make a dent in the list of chores I had for yesterday and at least the grass got mowed, however, the hedge cutting is still on the list. I did manage to plant out some of the winter veg and have constructed a very Heath Robinson net to keep off the "sky rats" [pigeons] then I got sidetracked as apparently my bees are being delivered either tonight or tomorrow night so I spent the afternoon making up the frames of foundation wax for the the hive. I also tried on my bee suit for the first time: I will have to get a photo of me in my bee gear to show you all. I look like one of those people who would come and decontaminate you following some chemical or nuclear mishap. Today, is "old farts day" at B&Q so I will be off to buy some plants for my window boxes and take advantage of the discount.

Poor old Basso has some sort of allergy and is going mad with itchy legs I think…

Another day another dollar!

I have been called a few things in my time but blogger is a first for me. Yesterday, went well though I never seem to accomplish all the things I intend so they spill over onto the next day. My riding is improving and I am getting my cantering under better control. Mork is a lazy horse which makes him very safe, but it does mean very hard work if you want any action out of him. At this stage of my life that suits me I don't need a horse that is going to tank off with me when I least expect it.
The plans for today are to get the house cleaned and some laundry underway before the weather turns nasty then off to the country park with the dogs and my riding friend for a walk and gossip. I didn't get round to mowing the lawn so that is now becoming a priority, as is running the hedge trimmer over the box hedges and bay trees which are looking like they have had a bad hair day. I also have three window boxes which sit on the front bay and they need planting up. I have purchased…

Good morning early readers

So far so good, the sky is clear and the sun is rising but I think the met office is forecasting rain later, well it would wouldn’t it, they must know I watered the veg plot yesterday evening. We had a very productive day yesterday and James [youngest son] worked like a Trojan and sorted out my compost heaps, got the bee hive sited and ready for occupation then proceed on to clear out and clean my big shed so that I have room to put all the beekeeping equipment. As it was Father’s day, after the initial flurry of activity, I left James and Mike [husband] to work together while I went and sorted out the lunch with Tracy [girl friend]. They got on famously which is so nice to see as they have had their differences over the years as Mike is their step dad. Over lunch having discussed the political situation, assorted wars and other subjects of interest we got around to discussing step parenting and I reminded Mike of something I had warned him of when we first met namely that the day…
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