Friday Morning

Sorry about yesterday it completely slipped my mind and by the time I remembered it was late evening.  I must say I am finding the fact that I cannot reply to comments very frustrating and I have no idea why it wont let me.  I may have a look at changing to a more updated version of google and see if that works any better.  I think the problem might be that I seem to have 2 google accounts which should confuse Cambridge Analytica.  I hope they enjoy my recipies and the boring mundane details of my life!!!!
The cottage pie went down well yesterday as we were celebrating that at last we have a courtesy car it only took 7days thank goodness I am retired and don't need a car to get to work.  Come renewal time I will be looking around for a better company.  Fortuately, I have noclaims protection but I don't suppose that will stop them bumping up the premium.
At the moment there is no sign of the Beast from the East and it is still 7ÂșC so well above freezing however as we know thin…

Wednesday morning

Morning all there is nothing good about it.  It is pouring with rain and I have just got soaked putting the stuff out for the bin men.  I suppose if I had a brain I would have put a coat on but no I dashed out in my dressing gown and slippers.  I had ideas of getting the laundry done today but looking at the weather that doesn't seem sensible.  
The car saga continues yesterday morning the insurance company rang to find out if the car had been picked up so I explained what had happened and how we had been messed around however they assured me that the courtesy car was on its way and they would ring back at 5pm to make sure it had all happened.  The courtesy car is coming from Enterprise and they are looking to get it to me this afternoon - did the insurance company ring back at 5pm? No of course not. Fortunately, I am retired because if I was working and needed my car every day I would be climbing the walls by now.  Interesting isn't it! you are obligated to tell them the tru…

Tuesday morning

Sorry to be so late but I had a bit of a bad night and so slept in this morning.  The insurance company finally collected the car yesterday first they said 2pm, nothing happened we rang again at 3.30 "they will be with you in 45 minutes", we were told.  They actually arrived at 6.30pm and no courtesy car.  Really great customer service.  Once the dust has settled they will be getting a letter from me.  The blog is useful as I have been documenting what is happening so I will have a record.
Lunch yesterday was an open-faced tart. I fried off some chicken strips and some onions, peppers and mushrooms and once cold put them on the puff pastry sprinkled with cheese and whacked it in the oven for 25 minutes.  A big bowl of salad completed the meal.  Fortunately, there was enough left over for supper as well so that made things nice and easy.  I was interested to use the light variety of puff pastry and can say it was absolutely fine and you would never know the difference.

Monday morning

Good morning all the sun is shining and it is still warmish however there are still reports of the beast returning for Easter.
Hopefully today the car will get sorted, oh how I love insurance companies. I did ask what would happen if I was 5 days late in paying my premium.  Answer came there none!!!!  Anyway, we are managing fine it is just an inconvenience.  I will just shop online and get it delivered.  It is mainly the dogs who are suffering as we have to take them in the car for a good run or swimming.
Yesterday's bastardised paella was a great success.  I must say I am very impressed with the shellfish stuff from Iceland.   It is all imported from Italy and at extremely low prices.  I also had some rope grown mussels from Scotland which were delicious and at £2 per pack very reasonable.
I had a very peaceful day yesterday and spent time getting on with my knitting and making my way through programs I had recorded.  Did I sort out the wardrobe of course not!!!!
Today I am goi…

Sunday morning

Good morning all.  Dull and misty here but the temperatures are ok.  I have finally tracked down what is going on with the car. The insurance company seem to think we have a scratched door and therefore it is not urgent, however, I have explained to them that there is a difference between road legal and drivable.  Just because there is no mechanical damage doesn't mean it is fit to drive on the road.  Of course, the garages are shut over the weekend so we are in limbo land until Monday when hopefully we should hear something.  For your information, and I hope you never need to use it, insurance companies take drivable as not urgent even though you cannot use the car so make sure you make it abundantly clear to them that the car is not road legal even if it is mechanically sound.  Of course, next week will include Easter so peppered with bank holidays which will slow things down even more.
I keep reading that we are in for another snowmageddon but the plants don't seem to know…

Saturday morning

Good morning all it is dull and overcast here this morning and it looks as if we have had overnight rain. First some good news Anne has been discharged and is back home so I have said I will leave her in peace and if she wants to contact me that is fine.
Now for some not so good news I rang the insurance company again yesterday and they assured me they would ring me back with some information.  They didn't so we are into day 5 with nothing happening which I think is pretty poor customer service.  I know that they are busy but how long does it take to make a phone call?  All I  have asked is when they might be going to pick up the car so nothing too difficult.  I know that once they have assessed the damage it will take ages for them to source the parts and do the work so the sooner they know what is needed the better.  I will ring again this morning after that it will be in writing.  
It is difficult to plan anything when you are babysitting the telephone.  I don't think they…