Monday morning

Good morning all, the sun is shining and we are at a lovely 15.6ºC.  Yesterday was dull and overcast but still no real rain.  I was going to do some spraying of weed killer but it was too windy and I stood a good chance of killing the plants rather than the weeds.  Today looks like a better option as there is no wind just a gentle breeze.  I spent yesterday flitting from one thing to another.  I have started to read Ulysses as instructed by Anne.  It is a bit hard going but interesting descriptive writing.  Then I did some knitting while listening to the next section of my course on psychology in an effort to keep up to date.  The one good thing about corsera is if you abandon a course you can always go back and start again. The lecturer is Canadian and I find myself listening to his accent rather than paying attention to the lecture. I went to Aldi for some shopping and found that everyone else had the same idea and it was bedlam.  
However, I did see a beautiful silver Maserati in …

Sunday morning

Good morning all.  We got a small splash of rain yesterday but nowhere near enough to do any real good.  We really could use a  deluge to give the garden a good drink.  I'm sure the apricots would be happy for some water.  As you can see from the photo it looks like we might have a decent crop this year, however, I will have to keep a close eye on the fruit if I am to get to it before the birds do.

I made myself an interesting breakfast yesterday I put into the Ninja Blitzer some lettuce, a tomato, a tiny clove of garlic, some basil leaves and a splash of balsamic vinegar then blitzed.   The result was a sort of salad smoothy but very nice and right up my street.  Lunch was equally simple I did a big bowl of cacio e pepe spaghetti and a massive salad which kept us satisfied until about 8 pm when we succumbed to some KFC.  The fish monger rang to say they had got some nice dover soles while night fishing and so I have three nice sized fish as well as some Cornish mackerel.  Somehow…

Saturday morning

Musings on Brexit.  Please feel free to ignore.
For the sake of argument let's call the European Union a club if one of the members were so unhappy that they wanted to leave my first question would be what has gone so badly wrong and why.  No one seems to care or is looking for an amicable solution.  In divorce, you first try reconciliation then a trial separation.  You don't immediately go for the jugular that is for when all else fails. It seems to me that we are approaching this all wrong.  What has the EU done to help salvage the situation? Or are they glad to see the back of us and out to get as much as they can while they can? If the system is not working for one of the parties then why is no one prepared to look at what went wrong before heading blindly into the unknown. It was radio 4 that sparked this thought when they compared the people of Wakefield who voted predominantly out and the well-heeled of Oxford who wanted to stay.
Perhaps this is an oversimplification b…

Friday morning

Good morning all, Ok own up who got the rain?  We heard the thunder but got half a tsp. of rain. Not even enough to wet the patio.  However, on the upside, the sting has gone out of the heat.  Once the risk of lightening had passed the dogs went for a swim then tucked into the remains of our stirfry despite the fact it was mostly vegetables.  It seems as long as they think it is our food and therefore special, it must be ok.
Dan made me laugh I gave him a rice cake which he took as it was a present then put on the floor in the dining room and examined for edibility and decided it was not for eating.  I then asked him to bring it back to me at which point his eyes lit up "Oh I get it, it's a retrieve toy, not food" Bless him he is very easily fooled.  He will always take anything you give him as it would be impolite to refuse but he then takes it away for further investigation and then only if Tubby seems keen will he try eating it. He really is a big girl's blouse w…

Thursday morning

Good morning all.  I have woken with a thundering headache this morning, it is either the heat or my snoring but hopefully nothing copious coffee won't cure.  Yesterday was very hot and uncomfortable. As hot as 1976 which I remember well with the exception of one month when I tried hard to die in expensive scare.  The consensus of opinion is that I was struck by an overwhelming viral infection. Anyway, I survived and emerged at my lowest weight of 9 stone, however, I would not recommend this as a weight loss method.  I do remember my first solid food it was a revelation, who knew canteen stew tasted so good and carrots were to die for, Oh! and lumpy mash in gallons of bisto wow. Lovely light summer food for roasting hot weather.  Well done the hospital kitchens a perfect choice!!!! I bet I enjoyed eating it much more than they enjoyed cooking it.
I forgot to water last night so I have been out and done that first thing.  We may or may not get the rain today it depends on which we…

Wednesday Morning

Good morning all at least it is cool and lovely at the moment.  Yesterday was a bit cooler but not by much and today it is supposed to be the hottest yet - oh heaven help us!!!!  I was watching a program about the last Alaskans and minus 30 sounds positively ideal to me. Thick snow and log fires sound wonderful.  I am a total wimp when it comes to heat and rapidly lose the will to live.  I can tolerate any other kind of weather rain, hail, sleet or snow and have the appropriate clothing but the heat is just unbearable.  Thank goodness I live close to the coast so we tend to be a couple of degrees cooler in the summer and a couple of degrees warmer in the winter courtesy of the channel.  Today we are forecast 31ºC - OMG -  another day the ironing will be put on hold.
We are living on salads of various varieties and yesterday for lunch we had tiger bread sandwiches stuffed with egg and tomato.  6 eggs hard boiled 6 tomatoes skinned pipped and diced a desert spoon of mayo and hey presto…

Tuesday Morning

Good morning all, Yesterday was a bit of a miserable day once the heat got going now I remember why I don't live in Italy they have months of this and I hate it.  No amount of ice cream is enough to cool me down.  The dogs went swimming first thing and it takes Dan a long time to dry off so he was cool for a while but come the late afternoon he kept coming to me with his pleading look and panting with the heat.  As I am in charge of his whole world I think he thought I could turn the heating down!!!  I have become a troglodyte keeping as cool as I can with fans going in all the bedrooms to try and make sleeping a possibility. I would really welcome a big thunderstorm and buckets of rain but this is not on the cards as far as the weather forecast goes.
My new iron arrived and I plugged it in and tested that it worked but didn't touch the ironing I am not that crazy yet.  I made an assortment of dishes which we grazed our way through as the fancy took us and today will be somet…