Saturday morning

Good morning all sorry about yesterday but I got distracted and then forgot.  James was making his first bolognese sauce and needed a bit of guidance but he really didn't need it he just needed a bit of confidence in his ability. 
I had a chat with Anne who was hoping to be discharged but she is still not fit enough and is staying in the hospital for a couple of days more.  Sadly her other half had made a welcome home meal but he is going to eat it himself over the weekend.
Today the beast from the east is back with us it started to sleet at 6am and now it is snowing quite hard but as yet not settling on the ground.  It is, however, sticking to the trees and bushes so it won't be long before it starts to stick to the ground.
I was going to shoot out to Tesco first thing but Denzil is working a double shift today and as per instructions he has taken the landrover as the forecast is bad.  I have never driven James car and don't intend to start in the snow so if I really nee…

Thursday morning

Good morning all.  It is raining again and has done most of the night.  How do I know this? I have been awake for most of it so I am now going to try putting my head down and do some catching up. Have a good day all

Wednesday morning

Good morning all the sun is shining here and it is chilly but nice.  Anne now has a chest drain which I hope will make her more comfortable.  Also sad news with the death of Stephen Hawkins a very talented physicist.  When Denzil was at school he read one of his books and was confounded by stuff on black holes so he asked me and sadly I was unable to help him.  I suggested he write and ask the author the only address we had was his name and the university.   Can you imagine the boy's delight when he got a reply pointing him in the right direction for more information?
In the end yesterday, I made the chicken into what we decided to call chicken fricassee.  Basically, I fried the diced chicken first giving it a coating of cornflour then added them to a mix of vegetable which had been sweated then simmered in stock.  Anyway, we decided that any dish we have no name for is a fricassee.  It was one of those once in a lifetime dishes never to be repeated because it depended on what wa…

Tuesday morning

Good morning all we have sun shine this morning and Denzil has just taken the dogs for their run and as the tide is up no doubt a bit of swimming.  Anne is still in hospital but has made some progress though she is not out of the woods yet.  
There was a huge storm on facebook yesterday following the demonstration at Crufts.  From all that I have read PETA have shot themselves in the foot.  One commentator described it as "like vegans storming a salad bar", which I think captured the general mood.  Of course there are unscrupulous breeders just as there a paedophile priests and bent police officers no organisation is free from the bad apples. Nurses and doctors have been known to murder their patients. There were calls for them to be arrested under the terrorism act which is a bit extreme in my view and will only fuel the publicity they crave. There were calls for the security team to be coopeted on to the England rugby team and I must say they dealt swiftly and quickly wit…

Monday morning

Good morning all it is raining cats and dogs here this morning but it isn't cold.  I heard from Anne and she seems to be doing better but there is a long hard road still to go.  It makes me feel embarrassed at the fuss I have made when I was feeling poorly.  However, when you feel rotten you lose your sense of proportion.  It kind of like things always seem worse in the middle of the night!!!!
I had a lovely day yesterday and ate enough fish pie to sink a battleship and loved every mouthful.  The filling was heavy on prawns and scallops and light on cod and potato. I spent most of the day getting to grips with yet another shawl destined for Italy.  I have managed to locate a similar yarn made in Turkey.  It is a pig to knit up as you use 10mm needles which are like telegraph poles and the yarn is very slippery however it is all garter stitch so simple in that respect.  I also watched two series of Bear Grylls taking kids to the Welsh mountains for two-week survival course.  They …

Sunday Morning

Good morning all and welcome to mothers day I am being treated to a luxury fish pie for my lunch and James is hard at work in the kitchen.  Bless his cotton socks things are not going well his white sauce is too thin so he is trying to retrieve the situation.  I, of course, don't mind how it turns out it is all good ingredients and short of burning it there is not much he can do to spoil it. If it ends up being fish soup so be it.  
Yesterday was dry and so today it is pouring with rain but it is very warm.  I have not seen Anne online I do hope she has not taken a turn for the worse and is just resting.
I have just received some yarn that is similar to the firefly that I made shawls out of but I am not sure the quantity is sufficient.  Anyway, we will see how it does I can order more if necessary.  I have every intention of sitting and watching Crufts gundog judging and Mary Ray doing her heelwork to music which is always the grand finale of the event.  For those of you who have…

Saturday Morning

Good morning all and good news my shoulder has responded to treatment and is now much more comfortable.  The strong painkillers which knocked me senseless for the afternoon made sure I rested it so it helped on two fronts.  Now, all I have to do is be sensible and you know how difficult that is for a crackpot like me.
On the bad news front, Anne who has been a regular contributor is in hospital having collapsed.  We had a little chat on messenger last night so if she is reading this I hope she knows we are all rooting for her.  It is not my place to discuss her medical condition but those of you who believe say a prayer for her and let's hope things improve rapidly.
Shiona is having terrible troubles with one of her dogs who has a paw problem which has been hell to diagnose and he seems to be allergic to most things and on top of that has a horrible dose of sarcoptic mange so his feet are raw and infected.  Poor little sod is very miserable and Shiona is putting her considerable …