Thursday Morning

Good morning all sorry to be so late but had a bit of a disturbed night and so treated my self to a lay in.  My black eye is spreading beautifully I now look like a lopsided panda, however, it doesn't hurt unless I poke it with a sharp stick.

Day 19/21 I am grateful for a complete set of new blinds for the back of the houseI am grateful that plumber number 3 is due this afternoon and I have 2 more lined up in case of disaster.I am grateful that James has treated me to some verticle blinds for the front of the house which will be ready the second week of January. The next major thing is the carpeting which has done 30 years and is now dead so time for some new flooring and I think I am going to go with hard flooring and rugs rather than wall to wall carpet but then there is the dilemma of the stairs!!!!
I made a stew yesterday the first of the winter season and really pushed the boat out and made some suet dumplings [always a risk] but they were as light as a feather and just the th…

Wednesday Morning

Good morning all what a shiner I have Denny thought one of the boys had clocked me one.  Then she fell about laughing at how I had managed to give myself a black eye.  the ceramic pig is now out of harm's way, fortunately, the piggy bank was not full or I really would have done some damage. 

Day 19/21 I am grateful for eggs I love them in any way you like to cook themI am grateful for salt thank goodness it is no longer worth a king's ransomI am grateful for all the spices I have to play with in my kitchen It is warmer this morning but not so as you would notice as it is raining yet again.  Yesterday I made some bubble and squeaks and also the base for my gravy for the festivities.  I love the bubble with cold ham and pickle on boxing day and all I have to do is take it out of the freezer and warm it up. Nice and easy.  As Joy said this is when a freezer comes in really handy as it lets you get ahead with lots of stuff so you don't spend the entire holiday in the kitchen.  …

Tuesday morning

Good morning all, what a start to the day I have managed to give myself a black eye in the night.  Next doors dogs had me awake at 3am and as I snuggled back down to try and sleep I knocked a ceramic pig shaped piggy bank off the shelf above my bed and it hit me square on the cheekbone. Very, fortunately, it was on the side of the old eye rather than the new one so that at least was good news but I did use a few naughty words as I cursed the dogs yet again. 
Day 18/21 I am grateful that I now have 2 functioning eyesI am grateful for central heating it's freezing this morningI am grateful the plumber is coming on Thursday [hopefully] The weather yesterday was just miserable it rained, it snowed and it rained again and so the day went on.  There is no lying snow it is just wet and horrid but I guess it is better than feet of snow and no electricity.  This morning we are sub-zero but dry at the moment.  It is so cold I am looking forward to a nice big sink of hot water and some washi…

Monday morning

Good morning all well here I am back at home and today is chase the plumber day.  I had a lovely weekend with my friends and after checking the weather forecast it was decided that leaving at around 11am might be the best solutions to avoid problems.  I had a fabulous big breakfast with home made bacon croisants and all the goodies you can think of, which kept my tummy happy until supper time.
The journey started of well there were bits of flooding on the summerset levels and the M5 was fine it was snowing but not settling.  However once I hit the M4 the world had turned white and I counted 6 snow ploughs trying to keep things moving.  the fast lane was impassable in some places which didnt deter the idiots with porches who seem to think it is their lane as they can go fast.  However, they failed to realise that with a car whose ground clearance means running over a fag packet will rip out the sump is not the best car for thick snow.  It was fairly miserable slow going but the traffi…

Sunday morning

Good morning all, it is raining cats and dogs here but at least it's not snow.  I am heading off back home today and hoping to stay ahead of the snow which is forecast for later in the day.  I really hope I have a better journey home.

Day 17/21

1. I am grateful for the weather forecast
2. I am grateful for a nice break
3. I am grateful my warm winter clothes

Tomorrow I will have to get on the plumbers case.  I can't believe how much hassle it has been.  Of course now it is getting close to the festivities it will only get worse.  Anyway, I am like a terrier with a rag so I will persevere.

Anyway wish me luck getting home I must admit this when I am glad of a 4x4 there is not much it can't cope with.  Have a peaceful Sunday and stay warm.

Saturday morning

Good morning all, it is freezing here but no snow and from the weather forecast it looks like my journey home tomorrow should be ok. I don't think I will need to eat again until Xmas.  Had fab lunch at Yeo valley yesterday. It is situated overlooking the lovely Blagdon lake in the Mendips.

Day 17/21

1.  I am grateful for the great hospitality
2.  I am grateful for my warm winter coat
3.  I am grateful for a huge fluffy duvet

Everyone is still asleep but I have a big mug of coffee so all is well with my world what do they say "little things please little minds"

Have a good one and if you have the white stuff I sincerely hope you also have electricity as well.
P.S.  Plumber number 3 failed to turn up to appointment any one know a good Polish plumber I can't find a British one prepared to work LOL.

Friday morning

Good morning all, well I am in Bristol but it took me 5.5 Hours of driving to get here.  The traffic was horrendous not mention road works and rain.  Anyway I made it in one piece so no real problems.

Day 16/21

1. I am grateful for a fantastically comfy car
2. I am grateful for such lovely welcoming friends
3. I am grateful for meals that just appear

I will keep this short as I am typing with one finger on my iPad.  Today we are going out for lunch to yeo valley headquarters.  Fortunately the serve more than just yogurt.  I have left the boys to deal with plumber number 3 all I want at the end of the day is a functioning shower.  I am not fond of baths unless it is to soak aching muscles.  Typically for the west country it is raining but last night's weather forecast was for snow.  I sincerely hope not.  I have warm clothes but I am not really kitted out for snow.  Fingers crossed.  Have a good one.