Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sunday morning

Yesterday's visit to the hospital went really well Mike was chirpy and looking forward to a move and change of environment. His chest is improving and his oxygen is right down.  Hopefully he should move on Monday but nothing is written in stone.

It is dull and breezy outside and yesterday it was really cold and drizzly the weather does nothing to lift the spirits.  I am amazed at my capacity to sleep I woke as usual at 4 am but decided to stay in my warm bed and promptly fell back asleep.  In the past if I had done this I would have had the mother of all head aches but I seem to be suffering no ill effects.  Anyway I am enjoying all the extra sleep I am getting perhaps I am just more relaxed with both boys at home.  

I have a pile of paperwork to sort out which I have been just stacking up until I felt more like doing it but I think I am just avoiding it now so time to put my shoulder to the wheel.  I took out some chicken thighs and I am now debating what to do with them.  I think I might just go for something simple like sauté chicken and buttery rice.  Quick easy and tasty.  

I have booked a couple of things for next week first I am going to have a hair cut on Tuesday and then I am going over to Shiona's for the day on Thursday.  She has some knitting patterns for children's cardigans which I am hoping to borrow.  I have just finished another baby blanket which is due for the charity shop so I am ready for another project.  I have the wool but no patterns.  

Well everyone is now up and about so I had better get my act together and stop scribbling.  Have a good day all.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Saturday Morning

Good morning all.  Yesterdays hospital visit went well Mike is a bit brighter and is asking for some magazines to read as he is finally beginning to get bored.  We chatted about the benefits of going for rehab prior to coming home and I think he sees the advantages of getting as well as possible before coming back.  At the moment there is no mention of when or where so we are still living day by day.  I have been waking with the odd panic attack but that is hardly surprising given the circumstances.  I have however booked myself a hair appointment for next week and thought I might just as well get that done and out of the way while Mike is laid up.

James seems to be over the worst of his chest but has discovered just how debilitated you feel afterwards with no spare energy for anything but keeping it together.  I am feeling physically stronger each day but it has been a slow climb out of the hole.

We had a lovely surprise the fish monger phoned me as some fishermen had got some nice trout over night so instead of bassa fillets we had trout fillets and I have also put 3 big fillets in the freezer for some other occasion.

As yet I have made no food plans for today and I think I will wait for the boys to get up and see what they fancy before I get stuck in.  

There are various bits and pieces in the freezer so I am sure we will come up with something I quite fancy a cottage pie made with one of the packs of mince but I am open to suggestions.  I also have some chicken thighs so maybe a curry might be in order I will wait and see.

Well thats about it for this morning not a whole lot to report as we are just ticking over until we can see a way forward.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Friday morning

Today really is Friday and I have deliberately slept in very late as I want to be awake when I go to visit Mike.  Normally I am like a wet rag as visiting time clashed with afternoon nap time for me so I have had a really good sleep all be it drug induced so that I am wide awake after lunch.  As yet nothing has been mentioned about the rehab placement but today might be a different story.  

Denzil came back from the doctors with steam coming out of his ears.  Since his heart attack he has been on a regimen of statins and beta blockers which in Thailand he can just buy over the counter. Our GP wrote him a prescription and for some inexplicable reason has doubled his statins for no apparent reason as his blood test results are not back yet.  It was a simple repeat prescription but no they have to muck about with it.  

James is at last coming out of his chest infection and I am at last feeling a bit more like myself we have all been surprised at just how debilitating this has been and how long it has taken to feel human again.  It is probably just as well that we kept a low profile while we were ill as I really would not wish this on my worst enemy.

Today for lunch I am intending some bassa fillets with a tomato and mozzarella salad and some sweet potato wedges.  Then I think supper will probably be soup and toast or a forage through the fridge. Fortunately both boys are perfectly capable of feeding themselves so I don't have to even think about it.

I hope this has brought you up to date one day is much the same as the next here and we are just treading water until we know what is happening with Mike and the days revolve around visiting times.  Lets hope we have a clearer picture by the end of the weekend as it is difficult to organise everything to fit in.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Thursday morning

I am in a bit of a muddle this week I got up convinced it was Friday fortunately the computer doesn't lie about the date.  The boys both have appointments this morning so I am going to be on my own for a while.  

I went to visit Mike yesterday and explained that he will be going to rehab for a while to get him back on his feet.  He was not best pleased but I managed to get him to understand that in his current condition being at home would be very difficult.  Once his continence problems are sorted out things will be much easier.  I also had a word with the staff about his hearing aids which he claims are useless so as a first step could someone look in his ears and make sure they are not full of wax which might be the problem.  He is finally off the intravenous antibiotics but is still on an oral dose and if my chest is anything to go by it is going to take a while to clear his chest of all the gunk.  I must say that the nursing care he has received has been excellent and they have done everything really well.  In the good old day we used to send patients for convalescence and I guess rehab is just a new name for a similar idea some time patients don't warrant the intensive care of a hospital but are still not fit enough to go home so a half way house is ideal to get the walking wounded back up to running speed.

Needless to say in all this kerfuffle christmas had been postponed as we are just living one day at a time until we know what is happening and much will depend on what state Mike is in.  Fortunately the boys and I are happy to just muddle along as best we can and any forward planning has gone out of the window.  

I have a pile of meat balls left from yesterday but as yet I haven't decided what to do with them and they could end up in the freezer.  I have a pork fillet which I am going to stuff with prunes and wrap in bacon before cooking.  I also have a nice cabbage which will go well with the pork.  James has been largely off his food so I keep finding myself with left over meals and the dogs are doing rather well.  

Time for a second cup of coffee and get the day underway.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wednesday morning

Good morning all very late this morning but I refused to get up at 3 when I woke so I tucked myself back down and slept on peacefully.  Then the computer kicked up and wouldn't let me in to the blogosphere and it has taken me ages and lots of resetting of pass words to finally get back in.  

Yesterdays bedlam went well but delivered both ups and downs.  Denzil was hoping to do a bit of driving as a temporary job and of course discovered that he cannot drive commercially as he has had a heart attack and would need a batterie of test first.  Then it was on to see the consultant who was very pleasant and took time to chat to me not that she had anything to say that I was not aware of but they are looking at sending Mike to the the rehabilitation unit rather than sending him home and they are concerned about his very depressed state of mind so they will be having words with his CPN in the hope of working something out.  Anyway it has taken the pressure off me for a while as he is not coming home any time soon and they are hoping to ween him off the oxygen so that should not be a problem.  I will go in and have a chat with him this afternoon and try to explain what the plan is and hopefully it will cheer him up as I know he is concerned about coming home and being a burden.  

In the mean time I am making hay while the sun shines and sleeping and eating well and trying to get myself back to 100% so I am ready when the time comes.  The work is now divided in three which makes life much better and we are muddling along fine.  Denzil has taken over the dog walking as he enjoys it and James is a couple of degrees under still so he too is enjoying the rest.  Perhaps what seemed like a bit of a disaster is actually working out well as we are all having the opportunity to get ourselves back on track and recharge our batteries.  We seem to have settled into a nice regimen where everyone is doing their fair share and the house is running smoothly.

Yesterdays meat balls have been promoted to todays lunch so there is little to think about there so I hope to get ahead a bit so I am not constantly chasing my tail.  The weather is grim and dull but not as cold and not raining so we are grateful for small mercies.  

Have a good day all and thank you for listening to my whinging and whining lets hope things are on the mend now.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tuesday morning

Good morning all well after yesterdays miscommunication mishap we have been asked to see the consultant at 11.30 this morning lets hope the ducks are in a row this time.  Of course this morning is not so convenient as Denzil has an appointment at the doctors at 10.30 and we have the wonderful Denny due at 8am so this morning is going to be bedlam.  

Mike was very down when I saw him yesterday and is thoroughly fed up with hospital he has been in over two weeks and is getting very restless and who can blame him.  Physically he seems to be doing OK but is still on intravenous antibiotics which are playing havoc with his insides.  Hopefully I will have a better idea of his prognosis once I have made contact with his consultant.  

Yesterday morning we had a hard frost and this morning it is pouring with rain but at least it is several degrees warmer.  Every one was scraping windscreen but my car has a magic button which switches everything on to melt the ice it is just a case of sitting and waiting as the engine warms up.  

We took the dogs for a run on the rugby field and for once Dan managed a walk without falling over in the mud.  He will try to turn as fast as Tubby but gets his lanky legs in a muddle and lands on his face.

The chicken leftovers saw us through yesterday but today I will have to hunt down something for lunch and supper.  I have some mince so I think I might make some meatballs in tomato sauce which we can have with some pasta and a salad.  They  might have to be for supper as I am out for a large part of the morning.  However if I get started now I might get the mix done before lunch.  I find it is always better for having some time for the flavours to mix before cooking.  

Ok it has stopped raining for a moment so now is a good time to head for the freezer and stay dry.  Have a good day all and when I have some news I will let you know.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Monday morning

Good morning all I had a bit of a rocky night last last night as I am probably wound up about Mike but hopefully after today I will have a clearer picture of where we are headed.  I still find it hard to keep going as I am very lethargic but I did do a roast for lunch and we all foraged for supper.  James is making progress and the antibiotics have kicked in so he is not feeling so like death.  Denzil is coughing but seems to be keeping the worst at bay.  The only ones who seem to be very fit are the dogs who look at us apologies for humans with pity in their eyes.  Not only are we rubbish at being dogs but we seem to be pretty rubbish at being humans.

It was perishingly cold here yesterday so we were all wrapped up like Nanook of the north and I even turned the heating up.  I believe this very cold snap is due to ease off through the week and we are then in for some rain.  Of course we feel the cold if we are only shambling around so it didn't take us long to discover the warmest place was under the duvet.  

The chicken carcass has been through the slow cooker so we have some lovely broth for lunch along with some cold chicken salad sandwiches so it wont matter how long we are at the hospital as lunch is all but ready.  And I think supper will be, "if you can find it you can eat it". The fridge is fairly full so there is no shortage of available grub.  

The wonderful Deny is due tomorrow and boy do we need her, we have rather let the house go while we have been caring for the sick and I for one don't have the energy.
I will be interested in how long it takes this blog to appear the time now is just 6am and I need to get myself showered and dressed before I freeze but first another cup of coffee.

Just got back from the hospital where we waited for two hours in hopes of being seen however we were told to wait another hour and half before they would be ready to talk to us. At which point we walked out as apparently no one knew we had been asked to come in.  There is no excuse for rudeness.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday morning

Good morning all it is absolutely freezing here at the moment with the thermometer at -0.2ºC. Yesterday we had a freezing wind which made if feel really cold when we did out circuit via the hospital.  Mike was in reasonable spirits but getting very fed up with being in hospital which I fully understand.  I am hoping to have a word with his consultant on Monday and they have asked me to go in around 9 am.  I am hoping to to get a prognosis from him as to how he feels this infection will progress and what the likely outcome is.  

James has been knocked sideways by his chest infection and slept for most of yesterday, we woke him at regular intervals for food, water and antibiotics but left him to sleep in between. The dogs are very confused as James is the light of their lives and now he seems to be broken!!! Tubby has not left his side except for necessary excursions and meals. 

Today I have a chicken to put through the halogen oven and that will keep us in food for a while.  Not very imaginative but very low in effort required and something nice and easy to eat.  We none of us seem to have any spare energy so we are just keeping our heads above water and waiting for time to take its course. This is becoming tedious in the extreme.  At least Denzil and I are up and about all be it moving quite slowly and with little enthusiasm.  

Well that's about it for this morning, I am freezing, so I am going to make another cup of coffee and take it back to bed and snuggle under the duvet.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Saturday morning

Good morning all though it is nearer lunch time.  I was up bright and early but decided to go back to bed and duly fell fast asleep.  James hit the buffers yesterday so he too is now on antibiotics and is coughing for England.  I think I am sleeping so much because for the first time in ages I feel relaxed with 2 other adults in the house I feel able to let go and know that they will take up the slack and deal with anything that needs doing. I no longer feel as if I am permanently on duty 24 hours per day. Denzil is walking the dogs each morning so that is one less thing preying on my mind.  Apparently it was snowing early on but it has not settled and we now have a fierce wind blowing instead.  

As yet I have nothing organised for lunch so it may have to be something really easy like bacon and egg then maybe a take away for supper depending how we are all feeling.  I will be going to the hospital at 2pm to visit Mike and hopefully he is still progressing well.  So far no one has mentioned him coming home and I am not pushing the idea.  It would seem foolish to send him home to a house full of infection.  We have been trying to keep ourselves segregated from friend and family as the last thing I want is to pass this misery on to others so we are keeping in contact by phone.  

I'm sorry this is so boring but we are living one day at a time and only doing what is really necessary to keep ourselves fed and watered.  Denzil did a big batch of laundry yesterday so at least we have clean clothes and I am making use of all the labour saving devices I have to reduce the amount of work for us all.

Well that about it for this morning time to have a trawl through the freezer and look for inspiration.  Have a good day all and it is a day for keeping warm the temperature has dropped dramatically here.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Friday morning

Another late start this morning but the dogs next door barked for most of the night and kept us all awake.  Saw Mike in the hospital and he is making good progress physiologically though he is now complaining of boredom which is a good sign.  We offered to take him in things to entertain him but he turned them all down.  He is still on intravenous antibiotics but at last they seem to be doing the trick and the physiotherapists are mobilising him.  As his condition improves so they are reducing his oxygen consumption.  So all looking very positive.

The rest of us are hunkered down trying to shake off the last of the chest infections that have plagued us.  I don't know what is going on with the blog yesterday I published around 4am but it was at least 2hours before the blog was available.  I don't think it was my fault after all I have been doing this for a while now.

I found a portion of bolognese sauce in the freezer so that is out for lunch today and for supper I fancy a corned beef hash with some sprouts.  As you can see we are trying to minimise work as none of us has the energy to do anything exciting.  

The weather has turned rather chilly but at least it is dry at the moment and the dogs have had their walk so that is one major task completed.  As we all had such a bad night everyone has made themselves a large mug of tea and gone back to bed in the hope of a couple of hours sleep.  Lunch will only take minutes to prepare so there is nothing too demanding for me though I think I am currently the fittest one here.

The one saving grace is that hopefully we will all be back up and running in time for the christmas holidays so I really will have to start thinking along those lines fairly soon.

Have a good day all and keep warm......