Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Tuesday morning

Good morning all yesterday was a nice quiet day and as it was the first day of the dog course I got stuck into the material.  As a former teacher I appreciate the way it is organised. You get a video lecture then a copy of the slides used in the lecture followed by 2 questions in the multiple choice style to confirm your understanding.  What a brilliant way to teach.  The lectures are only 30 minutes so you don't have time to get bored and let your mind wander.  The lecturer is Professor Hare who, to my eyes, looks like he should still be in short trousers OMG I really am getting old.  Anyway a very enjoyable way to learn.  There is one aspect of the course that I don't quite understand it is not compulsory but helpful.  There are lots of games to play with your dog which test various type of cognition and the results are fed into a huge data base which is used for research - great idea if you want a very large sample but here is the catch they charge you to get the games - if they want data you are doing them a favour by suppling it so why should you pay them?

Now to the saga of the glasses which went missing I turned the house upside down looking for them in every conceivable place.  I had picked some figs so I even checked the garden all to no avail then yesterday I went to pick more figs and there they were on the floor. I can only surmise that they must have fallen off my head, where they sit when not in use, and got stuck in the tree then with the big wind they fell on the floor where I found them unharmed.  Mystery solved!!!

This morning I am off to have breakfast with Sandie so I can restock my coffee supplies needless to say we are going through it at a rate of knots.  However, I'm sure the novelty will wear off it is just fun watching it do its thing and it gives you prompts to tell you what needs doing.  It even washes itself before and after your coffee session.

Ok time to get going just one more coffee and I will be fit to face the day.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday morning

Good morning all well yesterday we did get some rain but as usual not enough to do the job properly. Everything is still very dry and the rain only penetrates the top layer of soil so not enough for the roots. The sun is shining this morning and the temperatures are back down to my comfort levels.

I didn't get round to make the bolognese sauce yesterday but the ingredients are now all well defrosted so I had better get it on today. It needs long slow cooking so the slow cooker is ideal once everything is in the pot you can largely forget about it.  I do fry off the ingredients first as it gives it a better flavour.

Today for lunch we have some chicken goujons which we will have with mayo and a salad or perhaps some stuffed mushrooms which Denzil brought home last night.  He can't resist the cheap shop and every morning I find new things in the fridge.  This nice up to a point but it does make menu planning almost impossible as I never know what will turn up and need to be eaten quickly as that is why it is cheap as it doesn't have enough shelf life left.  Still I am nothing if not flexible!!!

Today sees the first day of my course on dog emotion and cognition - I have a shrewd suspicion that it might be a bit of a walk in the park but I am OK with that I don't really want to be buried in books and essays again I have done all that.  I just hope it gives me a bit more theoretical knowledge so I can better understand what is going on with the dogs.  The two of them have found a new game to play when we are all asleep they have taken to dragging their beds all around the house.  

Well thats about it for now time for more coffee!!!!! Have a good bank holiday what ever you have planned.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sunday morning

The forecast storms never materialised here but it looks like it might rain today the sky looks heavy and the breeze is chilly.  I spent quite some time yesterday trying to work out Flickr as a cousin of mine was after some photos of our relatives.  I think we have managed to link up at last and I,
1] found the things and 2] managed to upload them but it was a slow task as I hadn't got a clue what I was doing. Anyway finally after much mucking about we managed to connect and swap photos.

We are now having endless fun with the coffee machine making everything on the menu and just standing in awe it appears like magic.  Sorry to be a bore but it really is a lovely toy. I think we will all be bouncing off the walls with caffeine overdose.

I haven't given lunch a thought yet so I think I had better go and look in the freezer for something. We have been living on cold meats and salad during this hot weather.  So I may make a big pot of bolognese so we can have the odd pasta meal.  The sauce freezes so well and defrosts quickly while the pasta is boiling.  Pesto is even easier but I don't have any at the moment nor the ingredients to make some.

OK I will keep this short as time is marching on have a good day all..............

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Saturday Morning

Good morning all I am a happy bunny this morning as I am sitting here typing with a lovely cup of coffee from the new machine.  The men arrived quite late yesterday afternoon but the machine fitted beautifully into the gap. It is so shiny that it is difficult to take a photo as all you get are reflections.

My bed time reading was the instruction manual - it is tremendously sophisticated and you can even program it to make drinks for individuals and it stores them in its memory. It has a touch screen like a smart phone and for the moment we have left the factory settings until I have got my degree in aeronautical engineering and feel able to tackle tinkering with it. Actually it is pretty idiot proof if you can read as it prompts you to take each step.  As I drink my coffee black I haven't yet tried making big cups of frothy coffee with the milk attachment that will be todays little excitement.

Thank goodness the tremendous heat has dissipated and we are back down to liveable figures and we even have a gentle breeze which is wonderful. Dogs have had their morning swim and are now happily collapsed and snoozing.  Swimming is very good exercise for them and they recon that 20 minutes swimming is equivalent of an hours walking.  Dan is the swimmer as he is supplied with paddles for feet poor Tubby only has little paws so he doesn't stand a chance against the paddle steamer.

Well that about it for today I am off to clear up the kitchen which is carefully out of shot of the photo and then I can play cups of coffee to my hearts content.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Friday morning

Good morning all well here we are at the end of yet another week but today is a red letter day for me as the coffee machine is due this afternoon.  I have a complete mystery. Yesterday after typing my blog I put my glasses down and now I can't find them anywhere. They are a pair the I use specially for the computer screen not my normal reading glasses and we have searched everywhere but no luck I just can't imagine what I could have done with them. How do things just disappear?  It drove me crazy just trying to find them.  No doubt they will turn up at some point after all they have to be somewhere in the house as I didn't go out anywhere.  

We have had some rain over night which has cooled things down somewhat and according to the weather forecast it should be a bit cooler today.  The chap from landrover came and delivered my rubber mats for the car and fitted them for me so now we are free to fill them with mud which we will once the winter comes but at least you can take them out and hose them down.  I don't know who thought it a good idea to put cream carpet in a car but they obviously only use it to got Harrods.  Fine if it is a Maserati but this a landrover and meant to be a work horse not a Chelsea tractor. Anyway hopefully the mats will protect the carpet from too much muck.

We are on a cold cuts diet with buckets of salad as it has been to hot to bother with proper food no one has any real appetite and cooking over a hot stove just too miserable.  James did some kebabs last night and some stuffed peppers but he was soaking wet by the time he had finished.  We just abandoned the kitchen so I had better make a start in there while it is still cool. It will need to be tidy for the fitters or they wont be able to move.  I have a shrewd suspicion that I will be spending the evening reading the manual and familiarising myself with how this machine works. Then tomorrow I can really play with it.

Hope today goes well for you and yours.....

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was sheer hell here by lunch time my outdoor thermometer hit 37.8ºC and we were just sitting about melting and trying to get cool.  In the end I found evaporation was the answer I did myself over with some cold water then sat in front of the fan.  Even the dogs were miserable panting and trying to find somewhere cool.  Dan was flat out on the bathroom floor which is tiled and Tubby sat in front of the fan.  I certainly didn't feel much like cooking so we ate out of the fridge.  

Now for some really good news my coffee machine is coming tomorrow afternoon along with some fitters.  I am delighted, oh how I need a good cup of coffee I am sick of this instant stuff.  I know that lots of people are quite happy to drink instant but you really can't beat the real thing.  I suppose it boils down to what you are used to kind of like butter versus margarine.

According to the weather forecast it should be a bit cooler today and I have flung all the windows open while there is still some cool air to be had.  I think I may have to move to the arctic circle it is so much easier to get warm than cool.  We don't have time to acclimatise to the heat as it is usually only a few days a year when it is scorching hot so not worth air conditioning or a swimming pool.  My heart goes out to those who have to work in the heat.  I can remember when our air conditioning broke when I was in theatre and we ended up putting towels all round the floor with buckets full of ice to try to keep the temperature down.  The operating light adds 10ºC and if you have to wear a lead apron for x rays then it becomes unbearable.  I can remember taking off my gloves only to find my hands were like prunes!!!

The tide is up so Denzil has taken the dogs swimming which I am sure they will really enjoy in fact I quite envy them.  I will have to make do with a shower.  

What a disaster in Italy with this latest earthquake natural disaster kill plenty why do we need to join in and kill each other with stupid wars.  I was reading some stats yesterday in which you are 4 times more likely to be shot in America than in the UK.  This world is a crazy place filled with crazy people I am coming back as a dog!!!!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Wednesday morning

Good morning all well I over slept this morning I am sure curtesy of the increased dose but I am not complaining sleep is good. However Denny is hear and motoring through the cleaning so I should get my act together.  James had a good day yesterday though we did nothing special, however I did accompany him on the dog walk not that I managed the whole walk as I am so unfit. I only managed about a quarter before I had to make my way back to the car.  What a turn round I used to take James on his crutches for a walk an he could only manage about a quarter.  Now he does the whole walk with ease.  It just goes to show if you don't use it you loose it.  So walking is the order of the day for me but the best part is that the dogs are always willing to come with you and keep you company so I don't need a walking buddy.  I find it really boring just walking with no purpose its OK if I am going to the shop for something but just plain walking is dull.

Yesterday the recite for the coffee machine arrived but still no news as to when it is due so I am going to phone them and give them a poke.  The mats for the landrover are also due to arrive today so at least that will be one thing accomplished.  

We have a cloudy day but is is already 23 degrees so we are in for another hot one.  I believe we are in for 30+ which I hate.  I am Ok to about 25 but after that I melt and just want to sit in front of the fan.  I slept with it blowing on me all night so I was quite comfortable.

Anyway short one today as I am so far behind schedule have a good one and if you are a heat lover is it should suite you today. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tuesday morning

Good morning all we have a lovely sunny start to the day and a cloudless sky so maybe we are in for a good day.  However I have noticed that it is often gorgeous around dawn but then it quickly changes.

Today is James birthday but he wants no fuss and par lava so that is fine I asked him if there was anything special he fancied for his lunch/dinner but he is just happy for it to be another normal day.

Yesterday was a red letter day I finally managed to get Mike in the shower, he needed quite a bit of help but that has always been on offer.  I hope that now he might feel a regular shower might actually make him feel better in himself.

My visit to the GP has resulted in me being sent for a chest x ray and spirometry, however,  the earliest appointment is 23 September, so no rush then, and he has doubled my SSRI's.  If you remember I inadvertently took a double dose and felt pretty wooly headed  so I am not looking forward to the increase but I expect I will get used to the extra in time.  I hope they don't make me feel too off colour until I settle down and get used to them.  Anyway fingers crossed it is not too awful. In the mean time I have a month to do something about my fitness levels which are currently zero.

I had a lovely chat with the lady next door who seems very pleasant.  She is fond of gardening and when I suggested she might like to chop down some of my bamboo which is against her fence she was horrified as she loves the bamboo.  She also asked if we would mind if they parked overhanging our dropped curb which I was only too happy to agree to.  We don't use it so there is no reason they can't. Parking is always a contentious issue in the road as we get people from other roads parking extra cars in our road which makes it all a bit of a pain.  

There is no news on the coffee machine front I am going to be so delighted when it does eventually arrive.  I am really rubbish at waiting I want everything yesterday. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Monday morning

Good morning all we seem to have had some rain over night but it is dry at the moment. For me this is the perfect solution rain at night and sun in the day.  Joy gave me a fright yesterday when she wondered if the plant I had ordered was in fact an acid lover.  Then I realised I hadn't checked so I promptly looked it up on the RHS web site and fortunately it is not it seems to be fairly tolerant and will do well in sun or partial shade and is very hardy so it should do well in my garden. I must admit I love shrubs as they give maximum impact for minimum work.  I stay well clear of bedding plants which are lovely but they do need constant attention if they are to give of their best.  The only annuals I have are weeds.

Now I am going to keep this short as I have to have a shower and I have a doctors appointment at 10am so I need to get a shift on.  So I will wish you all a good day and get my backside in gear.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sunday morning

Good morning all I am up late as I had one of those on again off again nights where you just keep waking up.  Yesterday I was prepared for bad weather but we really didn't get much, the wind was no worse than it often is and yes it did rain but nowhere near enough.  The plants look a little perkier but they really could use a soak. Today we have cloud and sun and it is very pleasant.

Denzil stopped off at landrover yesterday and they confirmed that they has sold me the wrong mats so they are going to drop off the correct mats on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  This will at least save me the 40 mile round trip to change them.

I haven't given up my garden completely and to that end I spotted a deal with Thompson Morgan who have on offer a plant I really fancy as it has all year round interest.  The plant is hydrangea quercifolia snow queen.  Here are two pictures of the plant lifted from google one in flower and one with autumn colour.

The plants are substantial as they are delivered in a 3.6 litre pot so I have bought one for me and one for Shiona who also expressed an interest. This is great as there will be no urgency to get them planted they should be happy in their pots for a while.  They are due for delivery at the end of September by which time they will arrive as a surprise as I will have completely forgotten I have ordered them.  I am due a garden shut down visit from the gardeners in October so maybe they can dig me a hole and get the plant in the ground and provided we don't have the winter from hell they should survive.

It is only one week from the commencement of my course so I am looking forward to that and have done the pre-reading. Interestingly there was nothing that came as news to me as my interest in dogs has been life long and I have picked up quite a lot en route.  There has to be some benefit in growing old and I am pleased to be able to use a life time of experience.

James has done me a huge favour this morning and has gone off to Aldi to do the shopping which means I can just slop around at home and get the washing and ironing done instead.  Today is Denzil's longest day so we will be three for both meals unless I leave him a plate of food for when he gets home.

Anyway I had better show willing and get the kitchen cleared up before the next load of food arrives.
Have a lovely day all, in the time it has taken me to type this the sky has turned black and I guess we are in for more rain.