Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday morning

A bit of a grotty night last night I ended up giving in and taking a tablet at 2am so I have slept in late and feel a bit groggy but at least I got some sleep.  The weather here today is much like yesterday cold and damp with rain on the cards for later.  I had several chores to do yesterday so I was out for most of the morning but as luck would have it I found not only a leg of lamb [the last one] in Aldi but they still had wagyu burgers so I bought more for the freezer and last night for supper that is what we had stuffed into brioche buns with salad.  These have to be the best burgers I have ever eaten they are well seasoned and just delicious I melted a slice of mozzarella on top of each one so they were extra scrumptious. 

I have started my final shawl this one is being done in "stary night"
When I posted off the one for Joy it caused lots of discussion in the post office as everyone wanted to have a look and were surprised at how light it was.  I had taken it loose as I needed a jiffy bay to post it in.  I am beginning to think I could start a business making these but I know I would eventually get bored with the same old thing.  Anyway I have enjoyed knitting the ones I have done and all my friends have had one as a gift so I am happy.  The only person that doesn't have one is me but then they are not exactly dog walking kit.  I have not made one for Sandy as I don't think it is her style either.

The lunch menu today is a very traditional roast leg of lamb with roast potatoes and peas and carrots. I have had a bit of a mental breakdown where peas are concerned and now have a freezer full.  Every time I go shopping I decide I need peas but in fact I have plenty so thank goodness they don't come to any harm in the freezer.  

Well I am now very far behind with my morning preparations so I had better get going and do some chores.  There are sheets in the washing machine which have been there for two days waiting for some drying weather but we are plagued with showers so I give in and they are going in the tumble dryer.

Have a good weekend and lets hope the weather picks up a bit for the bank holiday as I am sure people have outdoor plans.  Today feels like a day for huddling around the fire with hot soup!!!!!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Saturday morning

Good morning all last night was a bit of a hit and miss affair of waking and sleeping and sleeping and waking.  This morning I feel a bit wrecked but no doubt I will perk ups as the day progresses.  The sky is very overcast with no sign of blue but it is dry so no real complaints.  Yesterday I made inroads into the ironing and got it finished for a few days sadly you can never get ahead of laundry it is always chasing you!!!

I gave my tomato plants a good drink as they don't benefit from the rain in the green house and if it doesn't rain today I will need to water the veg beds which are drying off really fast.  

I have all but finished the shawl for Joy just a few more tassels to add to the fringe and it will be ready to go into the post.  I then have one more to make as I gave one to Denny as she took a shine to them. Then I will have to look around for another project.  

Yesterday's lunch was the dover soles which have been on and off the menu all week.  To go with them I made some dauphinoise potatoes and a big green salad.  Supper was the remaining potatoes and some chipolata sausages.  Today I must admit I rather fancy roast lamb and all the trimmings but I will need to go to the butcher as I don't have a joint in the freezer.  In fact the freezer is looking quite bare now that all the microwave meals are gone.  I did make a rhubarb crumble as there is plenty in the garden and to the topping I added some pecan nuts for crunch and to the rhubarb I added some stem ginger.  I have a passion for rhubarb and ginger!!!!  

Well that is the plan for the day now all I have to do is execute it!!!  Needless to say the washing machine if full of sheets which need hanging out but according to the weather forecast we are in for rain so I may just stick them into the tumble dryer and to hell with the expense.

Have a good day all and hope the weather doesn't hamper your plans.....

Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday morning

Well miracles do happen I took the Landrover over to the main dealer in Maidstone yesterday at the crack of dawn and while I had to sit for quite while as luck would have it once they had diagnosed the problem namely that the air bag warning light was on they fiddled with it and it went out so it was just a loose connection.  I did have to laugh as that was the problem I took it in with but they had to put it on the computer first which caused the waiting time.  And guess what it showed that the warning light for the air bag was on!!!!!  wonderful what they can do with computers!!!! anyway the miracle is that they didn't charge me a penny.

We had the chicken curry for lunch and for supper we had wagyu burgers from Aldi which I had tasked James to go and buy.  Fortunately it was a fine day and the last of my washing got dry on the line so now I really must set to and do the ironing and get it all out of the way.  The tide was up in the afternoon so James took Dan and Tubby for a swim which they both really enjoyed and it is really good exercise for them.  Dan has finally realised what the big paddles are for and he can really motor through the water.  

Today the weather looks good with a clear blue sky and very high light cloud.  According to the weather forecast we are in for a period of more settled weather.  Which means I will have to remember to water the greenhouse. I have heard nothing with regard to the Eglu so that is still on hold.  If I get going this morning I can have a bit of time off this afternoon and do a bit of knitting while I listen to one of my audio books on the iPad.  Now that I have a decent dock with speakers it is much easier to manage.  

I think today may be the day that the dover soles finally make it out of the freezer they have been on and off the menu all week.  I fancy dauphinoise potatoes and salad to accompany so I am going to get that under way before I get stuck into the blessed ironing.  Any excuse to avoid it!!!!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday saw the yarn arrive and I have started the shawl for Joy it normally takes only a few days to knit so I am hoping to have it finished by the weekend.  I then have one more to make and I am finished.  Actually what takes the time is adding the fringing around the edge the knitting part is easy.  

Mike had his hours appointment at the clinic so I had a good hours knitting time while I waited in the car park.  This morning I am taking the landrover to the garage as I have an airbag warning light on and I hope they will be able to fix it in short order.  However, my knitting will be with me so I can while away any waiting time.

For lunch I had made some scallops with black pudding and crispy bacon and supper was a chicken curry but Zoe, James friend, came round and brought some chelsea buns and a piece of cheese cake so the curry got put on hold and we ate desserts for supper.  The curry will be on todays lunch menu which is just as well as I will be out most of the morning.  I have to be at the garage at 9.15 which will mean leaving at just after 8am as I will be battling with the rush hour traffic.  If they need to keep the car I will have to phone James and get him to come and fetch me.  

Dante blotted his copybook last night after he had his supper James put their breakfast portion to soak in some nice gravy from the lunch but Dan, who is permanently hungry, decided it was a help yourself buffet and did just that.  All we heard was a crash of the frying pan landing on the floor and by the time we got there there was not a single biscuit left and the pan had been polished!!!!  I could leave a fillet steak under Basso's nose and he never stole anything but Dan is s different kettle of fish. He is at that teenage stage when it is quite impossible to feed him enough food as he seems to have hollow legs like all teenage boys.

Some one has asked me if I will part with my Eglu chicken coop which seems like a good idea and it will stop me getting more hens until I have disposed of the caravan.  This should make having a break a much easier task.  I was intending to look for a new hen house anyway so if I decide to have chickens again that is what I will do.  In the mean time the chicken run will just have to be a wild life garden!!!  I have stipulated that the person who wants the hen house must come and collect it from the house as it is too big for me to transport.  

Well that about it for this morning time for a second cup of coffee and a shower then out with the washing I did yesterday and hope it dries on the line and we don't have any more downpours.  Have a good day all.......

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wednesday morning

Good morning all, it is pretty chilly here this morning following the heavy rain and massive thunderstorm we had yesterday.  Fortunately it stayed dry long enough for me to get my washing dry on the line.  Now I need to get to grips with the ironing which has piled up and is shouting at me from the corner of the room.  

My two shawls found homes I took one to Margaret and had a coffee with her while Denny did her magic and she took the black one.  Now I am waiting for the yarn to arrive so I can start the one I have promised Joy.

Lunch was a bit of a clear up of left over vegetables and some sausages which kept us going until super time and the chilli con carne and rice.  As usual I did a bit too much rice so the dogs had an extra supper not that they were complaining you understand.  

I was awakened at 2am with a full blown panic attack but I have all the strategies in place to deal with it and so I managed to get to sleep again.  However, what I would really like is not strategies to cope but some means of stopping the attacks from occurring in the first place.  Interestingly they are quite nonspecific and I have no idea what I am panicked about which is rather frustrating.  If I had some major worry it might make sense but I don't have anything pressing on my mind just the mundane routine of life so why I should wake in a flat spin is beyond me.  Perhaps it is just the cumulative stress of lots of little things who knows.  

Well today is bin day so I had better get the bins out or they will stink out the garage.  Then I have to get organised as Mike is due at the clinic at 10am so I will need to run him there and wait while he does his thing. Lunch will need to be something nice and quick like cheese on toast then I will have to think what to have for supper.  I have some nice dover soles in the freezer so perhaps with some mash and a salad.   

Anyway onward and upward at the moment the sun is shining but who knows how long that will last I believe we are in for more rain today. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tuesday morning

Good morning all.  I just spent ages typing this up on my iPad only to loose the lot when I tried to add a photo.  Yesterday was a mixture of sun and rain followed by sun and rain which of course is just what the garden needs.  I managed to get the dogs walked before the first rain fell and dumped them back at home before I hit the shops.  We ate the last of the microwave meals for lunch and I am really glad that it is over.  How do they remove all the flavour from the food?  and how do people actually live on these things. Truly they are so bland it reminds me of baby food.  Supper was a pasta carbonara and I have to admit I bottled out of dog school last night.  I was tired and the dog definitely doesn't need that level of training so it is all a bit of a waste of time.  I would prefer to do some real gun dog work with him and for that I would need to join Sandy on a Monday night.  I finished off a shawl in the afternoon and Joy has asked me to make her one which I am delighted to do.

This is the yarn that Joy has chosen which is now on order so I can get going on another shawl as soon as the yarn arrives.

I bought some mince while I was shopping and that has been made into a chilli con carne in the slow cooker which will be our main meal today.  The wonderful Denny is due this morning and things will be a bit chaotic so I am glad that the meal is ready all I need to do is boil some rice and dress a salad.

Yesterday saw the arrival of a new dock for my iPad which incorporates speakers, a clock and a night light which is ideal for my bedroom and clears up loads of trailing wires.  I also have a new lampshade on order as the current one, which is lovely but pure silk, is disintegrating so the time has come to replace it nothing lasts forever!!!

Today I need to get some laundry underway but I think it will have to be dried in the tumble dryer as the weather is set to be another day of rain and sun.  It is also very cold here down to only 7 degrees this morning.  

Well that about it for this morning time to get going and do something constructive or maybe have another coffee!!!!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Monday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was another of the sloth days I felt tired and listless so I did little but knit.  Lunch was the wiener schnitzel made with pork steaks and once batted out they were so huge that we had half for lunch and the other half cold with a tomato salad for supper.  My dry breadcrumb store is now empty so the tail end of the loaf will be dried out to replenish that.  The weather was fine and I was kicking myself for not doing the laundry especially as the rest of the week is due to be wet.  

Today James has an appointment in Maidstone at 10am so I am on dog walking duties then tonight Dante is due at school.  I also need a trip to the shops for milk etc.  I must admit that since my break I feel somewhat rudderless and feel as if I am just treading water with no aim in mind.  I think I need to knuckle under and get on with some of the outstanding jobs instead of avoiding them.  I must admit I felt much better once I had completed my gardening jobs which were praying on my mind.  Having lived through years of chaos I now miss it which sounds crazy but it is true.  The days are all the same with little to stimulate me.  I need to tackle a project so that I have some sort of goal to achieve. 
I have all but completed the last of my shawls so I will soon be without knitting unless of course you would like a shawl!!!!  I am wondering if the wonderful Dennie would like one as she is due tomorrow I will ask her.  Wednesday morning is taken up with taking Mike to the clinic so I need a few easy quick lunches for the first few days.  

I think it might be an idea to have a long weekend at the caravan just to make sure all is functioning and to have a change of scenery.  I also need to pay my annual storage fee which I usually do in cash so I am looking at booking towards the end of June.  I can ask John to pull the van out and park it on one of his pitches so I don't have to tow it anywhere just plug it in and fill it with water.  Neither Tubby nor Dante have as yet learned how to camp so it will be a new experience for them.  From past experience the dogs love living in close proximity all of us together in a tin box!!!!

Well that is enough musing, time to get the show on the road my sink is full of washing up as usual so that is where I will start once I have had my second cup of coffee.  Then I will get the dogs out while the weather is still dry which doesn't look as if it will last very long. 

Have a good day all.........

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sunday morning

I have had a bit of a lie in this morning but I am happy with yesterday's  gardening exploits.  I got the greenhouse planted up with the tomatoes and the runner beans, French beans, courgettes and globe artichokes are all planted.  Now it's a case of waiting for nature to do its thing and an attempt to keep the weeds under control.  According to the weather forecast we are in for a very wet week so hopefully no watering will be needed except the greenhouse.  I finally got round to making the patatas bravas and they went down well with the lamb chops.  Today I have some pork steaks to play with and I think I might pane them and serve with my kohlrabi and some courgettes.  

At the moment the sun is shining but it is still very chilly outside.  Now I need some coffee to get myself underway.  I'm not sure when the rain is due so James has taken the dogs out for their walk while the sun is still shining.  We have been trying to get Dan's coat a bit more tidy as he tends to get great matted bits in his legs which take a bit if getting out and often the only solution is to cut them out with scissors.  The brushes just seem to glide over the mats leaving them untouched.  

Well time to get moving have a great day and let's hope the sun shine lasts, it makes you feel so much better.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Saturday morning

Yesterday I did a very good impression of a sloth and apart from knitting and sleeping I did very little else.  We had the goose eggs for lunch with a big pile of buttered toast.  If you like boiled eggs then there is nothing better than a goose egg with its deep rich yolk which seems to go on forever.  I did take a trip to the post office to collect a registered letter which was the lasting power of attorney document.  I am glad this is done now if I am incapacitated in any way James can at least handle the finances for me.  Given the problems I had sorting out his finances when he was in hospital I hope this will make things a lot smoother.  In a crisis the data protection act is a real pain in the backside.  

Today the weather is looking grim but I really would like to get my tomato plants into the green house and get them underway.  I took some Barnsley chops out of the freezer which we will be having for lunch with the patatas bravas that I have been itching to make and some spring cabbage.  I am trying to reduce the cooked meals to one main meal and a snack and as Mike likes lunch as the main meal it kind of messes up the day.  A full belly at lunch time kind of leaves me just sleepy and not wanting to do much.

On the knitting front I have finished the third shawl and just started the forth.  Then I think I will have run out of people to give them to.  I will have to start looking around for another project.  I think this might me a distraction from what I should really be doing like cleaning out the sheds which I know I am avoiding.  

I am still trying to put one item into the charity box each day and gradually loosing some of the stuff that is not necessary and only collects dust. Anyway I mustn't get distracted today I must get going in the greenhouse so I am going up there now and putting the hose on to wet down the soil ready to take the plants.  The ground is very dry and will need several hours of water before it is ready for planting. Who knows if I get the bit between my teeth I may even get the runner beans planted.  There is nothing like a plateful of newly picked runner beans with a large knob of butter.  

Well enough talking about it time to get moving and actually do something!!!!!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Friday morning

Good morning all. What a miserable day it was yesterday we had continuous rain for the whole day and it was freezing cold.  I took a trip to Maidstone and bought my tomato plants and I was just in time as they were all but sold out.  I had intended to plant them straight away but after I had cooked the lunch I was shattered.  I seem to be devoid of energy at the moment and every thing is a massive effort.  Lunch was lovely as I egg and breadcrumbed the brill fillets and we had them with steamed asparagus.

The rest of my yarn turned up in the post so now I can finish the shawls.  I may well have a restful day just pottering and knitting today perhaps a bit of rest is in order.  I don't think I have fully recovered from my two courses of antibiotics and still feel pretty washed out.  I suppose it is one of the joys of getting older that everything takes longer to resolve.  I'm not ill just very tired.

While I was out shopping I bought some nice goose eggs which will make a nice easy lunch with a big pile of toast soldiers to dunk.  Supper will have to be something simple too, I have a yen to make patatas bravas which might go well with some lamb chops. We will have to see how I am feeling later and if push comes to shove there is always the takeaways.

Well I am going back to bed and grabbing a bit more sleep which I hope will brighten me up a bit I feel as if I am catching up on a lifetime of sleep deprivation.

Hope you not so gotty and have a good day...........