Thursday, 27 August 2015

Thursday morning

Good morning all.  News is that I have sent money to Thailand at least I hope I have.  There is nothing from the bank to say otherwise so I hope I filled in all the details correctly.  My next concern is the price of tickets at short notice are astronomical so I will have to wait and see if what I have sent is sufficient.

Yesterday was another day of rain rain and more rain but this morning so far we are dry but the forecast is for more rain around lunch time.

Lunch yesterday was pork chops with sage and onion stuffing and for supper we had rather large hotdogs made with baguettes and bratwurst with loads of mustard and tomato ketchup.  James has taken over the supper menu which has lifted the load from my shoulders considerably.

Today for lunch I have out some drumsticks which I intend to cook with a barbecue sauce and salad but supper is still a mystery. No doubt we will think of something.

Shiona is back from Scotland her mother having rallied and is now back to eating and drinking by herself.

Sorry this is short and sweet but I am up very late having had a monumental lie in and I am now very behind schedule but well rested.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wednesday Morning

What a grotty day weather wise - we were dry until lunch time then it was back to the rain which persisted all afternoon evening and most of the night.  I believe today is supposed to be even worse but at the moment it is dry but there is a strong wind blowing.  I am now bereft of knitting which doesn't help so I find myself watching hours or rubbish on the TV.  Oh boy, in the time it has taken me to type these words it has started to rain.  I don't think I can remember quite such a wet August I feel so sorry for the people who have elected to holiday in England it must be miserable.  We had already decided to abandon shooting today as the forecast was so poor.  I enjoy shooting but I see no pleasure in getting completely soaked.  James friend who did so well the last time we went has now bought himself an air rifle but needed to a place to fire it and see how it worked.  Our garden is decorated with a target so he spent some time trying to align his telescopic sight.  In the end he took my advice and took the gun back to the shop where they have a rifle range and can set it up correctly. 
I had to take my gun their to have the sight realigned after one of my brothers in law had twiddled all the knobs and completely messed it up.  

Yesterday for lunch we had some lamb cutlets which I painted with English mustard and a sprinkle of brown sugar before placing on a red hot griddle pan.  They were served with boiled potatoes and some tender stem broccoli.  Supper ironically was Thai fish cakes with sweat chili dipping sauce and a big mixed salad.

I have been keeping an eye on the bungalows for sale in east anglia and there seem to be no shortage of properties available which is good news for when we sell this place.  Hopefully there should be no problems in finding something suitable.  Leaving sufficient money to make any alterations we would like.  I must admit all being on one floor would make life so much easier for all of us.  A smaller garden would also be much easier to keep tidy and reduce the amount of work.  I think the move would do us all good and give us something constructive to do instead of treading water.

Hope you are having better weather than us. I am going to make a run for it and get the bins out.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tuesday morning

Good morning all.  I am up a bit earlier this morning but not stupid o'clock and no panic attacks for the last few days so the medication seems to be doing the trick.  I am generally much brighter in myself which can only be a good thing.  

The weather yesterday was as forecast it was dry in the very early morning which allowed James to get the dogs walked and he just made it home as the heavens opened and then it rain for the rest of the day sometime torrential and some times drizzle but always wet.  

For lunch we had a lovely dover sole each with a big mixed salad and some little new potatoes sautéed in the butter the fish had been cooked in.  James has taken over doing the supper and we had sausage, beans and eggs.  It was nice to have a fry up for a change.  

I finished the second jumper for Shiona but when I had a look at the third I couldn't make head not tail of where she had reached in the pattern and there was a dropped stitch which I couldn't retrieve as this too is some very hairy yarn.  I can quite see why she got fed up with it and gave up.  I made a management decision and unpicked it all so the yarn can be used for some other project.  The yarn is Wendy Frizzante. If you knit you will immediately see the problem.

At the moment the sky is clear and the sun is trying its best but I think this is temporary and we are due for more rain.  

While it is dry I must go to the freezer and select some items for lunch and supper - I fancy some lamb chops and broccoli for lunch and no doubt I will find something for supper too.

Well thats about it for the morning the dogs are clamouring for their breakfast so I had better make a start.  Have a good day all...... 

Monday, 24 August 2015

Monday morning

Good morning all.  As usual chaos reins in this house.  We received an email from Thailand apparently job opportunities have materialised so we are just hanging in the breeze, is he coming home who knows?  I think a Milton quote fits the bill "they also serve who only stand and WAIT"  slightly out of context but it seems to fit the bill.  The only information we have is an email address so we are on hold until we are contacted.  Very fortunately my antidepressants have kicked in and I am as calm as a mill pond waiting for whatever happens.  You now know as much as I do which is nothing really.  

James had a tolerable birthday we hit Aldi at opening time and had a good restock with a view to us possibly being four soon.  Anyway we will motor through the food as usual.  Last night supper was a nice plate of figs, parma ham and camembert cheese, light but tasty.  

The weather is dull and we have had some rain but nothing dramatic so far just wet and miserable. At the moment it is dry so James has taken the dogs for a run while it holds as I am sure we have more rain to come.  Good job we had a mega washing session while the weather was sunny and I only have a few bits to iron.  

I have not give meals a thought yet but no doubt I will come up with something I do have three lovely dover soles in the freezer so perhaps those and a nice mixed salad.  Oh dear, it has just started to rain so it will be wet dogs who are coming home.  There is nothing quite like the smell of wet dogs!!!!!

Ok time I got going as I am late again today my sleeping patterns seem to be changing which is no bad thing and though I wake early I am having no trouble drifting back to sleep.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunday Morning

Good morning all.  Sorry about yesterday but I was furiously writing emails to a fro to Thailand trying to to sort out the return of my eldest son.  So now we will be back to a family of 4 which has some what needed a bit of a rethink.  If all goes according to plan we should have him home within the week.  Just as well the spare bed is already made up.  In many ways this will not be a problem as he is at least able bodied and another pair of hands is always a help.  Hopefully it will not be too long before he can find work of some kind and I certainly will find it easier to cook for 4 rather than for 3.

Yesterday we put Dan into the bath - I have a special dog bath which means I can bath him in the garden.  He was as good as gold and now he is all lovely and fluffy and smells like a fairy. There is still plenty of work required on his coat but hopefully when Shiona returns I can take him over to her groomer and get a proper job done. At the moment he looks like he has had a hair cut from a blind barber.  Before I emptied the bath I added a large quantity of salt so that it would act as weed killer when emptied over the patio.

Today is James birthday and he has asked for no fuss no cards etc. the high light of the day will be a trip to Aldi.  Fortunately we did loads of laundry the other day and for once the laundry basket is empty.  Given the weather forecast that is just as well as I believe we are in for torrential rain for days and days.  The last couple of days have been really hot but that is all about to change.  According the forecast it is due to be fine this morning but start to rain after lunch and then continue on as far as the forecast goes.

Well that about it for this morning the men are up so time to get the show on the road.  Enjoy the sun while you have it.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Saturday morning

Very short and sweet this morning the eldest boy needs rescuing from Thailand so I have my hands full trying to sort this out.  No time to sit and chat.  Will keep you updated as soon as I know what is going on.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Friday morning

Yesterday is a bit of a blur we were busy in the morning with Denny who had a look through the garage and helped herself to a pile of bits.  She was like a child at christmas but I was delighted that some of the stuff was leaving.  I had shopping to do so had trip to Aldi and also the pharmacy to collect a prescription.  With three of us requiring medication we seem to be permanently running up and down to the chemist.  I have asked if it is possible to make the prescription coincide so we only have one trip and pick the whole lot up in one go.  We will have to see if they can sort this out and save us endless trips up and down.  

The chicken legs made a nice lunch and supper was some meat pies which I am addicted to at the moment.  Today I am intending to have a pasta bolognese as I made a big pot yesterday which should be enough to have some in the freezer as well.  Supper tonight will be some fish cakes with creamed spinach.  I really need to get on with some laundry today but it is very cloudy and we had an other dousing last night so I am not sure whether to risk it.  We have had a very wet august though most of it has been at night which suits me fine.

I am late again this morning so I will keep it short and go and get on with some chores.  Have a good day all

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Thursday morning

Good morning all.  What a smashing day we had yesterday.  While the sun lasted we were out shooting.  We met James friend at the shoot then it was time for a bacon and egg bap.  We had a great round with the novice taking home the trophy together with a good slap in face from not mounting the gun correctly.  We've all done it once then you remember a 12 bore has quite a kick.  We were back home by 1pm I cleaned the guns and put them to bed while James took the dogs for a run.  Mike had had a beef and onion pie for his lunch we were still full from our bap.  Then it was time for a snooze but I didn't sleep just rested and got on with a bit of knitting.  Supper was a take away curry from out local nepalese restaurant.  The Gurkhas were stationed here for many years so I guess that is why we have food from Nepal.

Denny, who should have come on Tuesday, asked to move to Thursday this week which of course is no problem to me as one day is much the same as the next.  Yet again it has rained over night and it is looking a bit grim overhead, not a day for laundry I think.  What I would like to do is to get Dan in the bath he is pretty filthy.  Actually I don't believe in bathing dogs unless it is really necessary and in his case it is.  I have been waiting for Shiona to return so I could use her dog groomer as everyone I have tried is fully booked until late September.  In the mean time I think a bath might be the best move.  His coat is a nightmare as it mats very readily and no matter how often you brush him he still looks a mess.  Good job I have no intention of showing him as he is in no fit state to be judged though he might pass for a sheep in an agricultural show.  

I have a pack of chicken drumsticks that I am going to cook in a sort of home made barbecue sauce and serve with some runner beans as for supper I have no idea but I will have to do some shopping as we are out of milk and bread and no doubt I will stumble over something that appeals.  I really should start making my own bread again but since I have been off the boil I have let things slide.  I do have a pile of ironing which needs doing so that is where I will make a start.  Lets hope the weather improves over the weekend so I can get some more washing done.  

Have a good day all

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wenesday morning

Good morning all a bit earlier this morning.  It is only just beginning to get light so it is difficult to see just what the weather is like.  My laundry is still hanging on the line having had an extra rain rinse yesterday afternoon.

James and I tackled the garage and picked out a tool kit which we think will do for now.  After all you only need so many claw hammers etc.  Now we know what others can take so hopefully we can gradually get rid of what is left.  Once we have offered it around the remainder will go to the tip.  The next move it to put a large heavy duty rubbish sack in each room and shed so that as we come across rubbish we can dispose of it easily.  I must say I felt much relieved once that job was done there is still loads to do but at least I have a plan instead of just avoiding doing anything.  

We had a fry up for lunch with bacon egg and beans and then for supper we each had a lovely sirloin steak with fried mushrooms and a big tomato salad made with all our own tomatoes and basil from my window box.  Today if the weather is reasonable we are intending a shooting trip.  Shooting starts at 10.30 so I have plenty of time to get to grips with the food for the day.  In my vegetable box was a bunch of turnips [not my favourite vegetable] in fact I have no idea what to do with them to make them palatable.  Any ideas?

Sandy is going to visit next week as she would like a go through the gardening equipment as she now has an allotment.  One thing she is desperate for is canes of which I have a multitude to which she is very welcome.  It seems a shame to throw things away but the effort of advertising stuff to sell for a couple of quid is not worth it.  Anything in tip top condition goes to the charity shop and my box is full again so I will take a drive and drop it off.  It is quite amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years.  

The sun is up now and it looks like a decent day so with any luck we can have a couple of hours blasting clays which should be good fun and will make a change from the usual entertainment of wandering around Aldi.  

Well that is the plan for the day so I had better make a start by putting out the rubbish for the bin men then a rummage in the freezer for food for the day but first COFFEE.  

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tuesday morning

Good morning all - we have had another dousing of rain overnight but the weather forecast is for a dry but cloudy day today.  I must say it looks pretty grim outside at the moment.  

Yesterday started with a great kerfuffle James had taken the dogs for a walk and Dan returned with loads of burrs in his coat which he proceeded to try and chew out.  This resulted in great coughing and finally the loss of his breakfast.  I combed out the burrs but he then went nuts and was trying to eat anything green which included the box hedge [poison] so to settle him down I put him in his crate and gave him some lettuce which he ate and then settled. This was very odd behaviour but at least lettuce would do him no harm.  Once he had calmed down I gave him another breakfast and he was fine for the rest of the day.

The weekend chicken got finished off we just had a bowl of broth with tubetti [little pasta tubes] for lunch and for supper I made a big bowl of chicken caesar salad.  In the end I had managed to make 9 meals from one medium chicken which is not bad going.

The sun which started the day soon disappeared and we were back under a blanket of cloud which is in itself depressing.  I then tried to make an appointment to see the doctor to get a repeat prescription and discuss how I was getting on which is what I had been instructed to do.  Guess what no appointment available they are short staffed.  Fine, all I really needed was the repeat prescription but they will not take this over the phone.  So I had to write my name, address and DOB on a piece of paper with the required drug.  James then had to drive down and deliver it to them.  How crazy is that all those details could have been taken by the person I was speaking too.  Talk about making work!!!!

Today we are planning to make a start on the garage.  The first job is to make up a sensible tool kit with all the bits we might need to take with us.  The we can see just what is left to get rid off at the moment it all a complete muddle.  One of James friends would like first refusal on what is left so that will be a great help.  Once everyone has had their pick of stuff the rest can go to the tip.  Currently we cant see the wood for the trees.  

Lunch today will need to something quick and simple like an omelette and for supper I have some really lovely sirloin steaks which should have defrosted if I get them out now.  

Everyone is now up so time to get going wish me luck with the garage!!!!